Website not generating leads

I’ve dumped about $1,200 on my website and google ads and have only got a couple of leads (literally). Despite my google ad seemingly having a good cost per click, something must be wrong with my website

facebook ads haven’t given me any better luck either so digital marketing is just going so poorly for me since starting this company 3+ years ago. the only thing keeping me afloat is facebook group posts and word of mouth but i want/need much more work. i was very busy last month with 29 apartment buildings and my first ever $10k+ month with this month also being about $6k but it’s only due to a handful of very big jobs and now it’s dried up again. i was so motivated to reinvest back into marketing to keep the work coming but it’s just letting me down again, and scaring me to be frank

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Get some more google reviews …use the right ad words …google my business etc etc youtube and insta if you dont have it …or you can find a company if you havent already to work and run your site i hear alot of that footbridge media people moslty because its everywhere on youtube now but people do say it works …sometimes depending on your area it could take years to generate steady referal based income others it takes no time

i had footbridge media try to help me and it was lackluster to say the least. it was an ugly landing page and $600+ down the drain for my attempt with them.

Yea ive just heard a few people having sucess from the tubes lol but honestly its hard to say every market is diffrent

my instagram has also got a lot of exposure with one post having 8k likes 1m views but i haven’t gotten any engagement from there. i never expected any leads from instagram anyways though, but the page looks nice (@pitstoppw)

Or you can go online at so and so’s website and get a course to dominate your area and make over 6 figures in no time or join a inner group and get acess to all sorts of usefull info for 399 but wait theres more they can also throw in an advertisment course for another 150 but only if you act within thr next 15 mins (sarcasm)

When they click on ad, where is it taking them? It needs to land on the respective page, ie concrete ad needs to go to concrete page. Who did your website? First, you need to rename your images to a real name, not jpeg, blah,blah. 2.Put hypens in your phone # and make it a hot link. Third, your website not resizing to viewer window size. 4 - get rid of that pricing unless the only people you’re going after is the Thumbtack crowd. 3 hours for 200, that’s nuts but to some people that sounds like a lot, just like $100/hour. Internally you need to figure out what you need to make, but don’t broadcast it. Quote by the job, not the hour. I personally wouldn’t hire someone to pw for 3 hours that only charged $200. Would figure you didn’t have good equipment or didn’t know what you were doing.


Thanks for the insight racer. i made the website myself with wix its been a long and frustrating process getting it to where it is now. when they click the ad it takes them to the homepage, not a specific landing page. i don’t ever really price by the hour, always by sqft. It’s just that wix kind of limits what i’m able to put in those boxes. but i’ll make sure to take the pricing out entirely so they have to reach out to me. something still tells me that even after these optimizations you’ve given me i still won’t be seeing any leads, and i just can’t wrap my head around it. but i’ll definitely give it a shot.

Good to know i have the option to caption all of my images through web manager but i havent yet , looks like thats making the list. When you say name them how do you do yours to not be repetitive or do you want them to read say ex. Driveway 1 and just continue adding # up as you post more or are you more detailed with it.

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You definitely need to up your GMB game. I don’t manage ours personally, and we’ve since contracted it out to a major company to handle it. The sad fact is that making “actual posts” (as I view them) doesn’t win the Google game. You need meta-data on all of your files, you definitely need to up your GMB reviews big time. With a single truck you really should be targeting a couple a week on average, for a decent number building up (and could really do a lot better than that if you’re out self-performing on the truck).

IDK what your equipment is, but if it’s presentable, put it out there. People like seeing your pro-grade stuff! Use all of that engagement to offer “specials”, and leverage that network in every way possible. I know one of the companies in our area pretty much survives purely off FB stuff.

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Put something like dirty driveway with town or area or even street in your town. Anything you can to make it more relevant


To ad to what Jason said above, put link to your Google review page in your receipts you send customers when you ask for a review. Make it easy for them. Mine goes straight to my review page, already filled in with 5 stars, so they don’t even have to do that, lol. If you don’t send receipts, send a little follow up email, just checking to see that they’re happy and ask for a referral. Tell them a little story about how you’re relatively new and trying to grow and would appreciate their help, etc. Ask for their help. Most people will respond to that.

Back when I was much younger, was a little bit of a political animal. Early mentor said one mistake a lot of people make is they never actually ask for someone’s vote. It was true and still is. Lot of people tell you why you should vote for them, but notice how many really ask you for your vote.


Ok thanks ill knock that out this weekend or tomorrow afternoon idk yet hah.
Finishing my remote box as well tomorrow completely unrelated but im excited !
Also since im using a check valve that pulls 6:1 nowadays i am putting in a small 2 way poly valve to “meter” my mix so to speak. I figure if i cut it half way im pulling 10-12:1 for most stuff will work fine and if needed pop it all way open :man_shrugging:.
Should stuck with the 2.1 i had in but i just had to know HOW much hotter it pulled since the consensus was it pulls more but apparently that wsnt enough of an answer to satisfy me lol

The 2.1 flows better, which is why I prefer it on my pea shooter. It needs all it can get. Lower GPM naturally draws a hotter mix anyway so it’ll be alright. I still have a couple 1.8’s handy for cold days & old bleach. I’d love to invest in a big fancy machine whenever I can justify. April has been a bit strange around here too. Hit & miss. I believe what doesn’t happen in April will be made up for in May. Just have to spend the off days chasing the carrot.

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Yeah i got a 4gpm as well the normal 10:1 2.1 was fine but i kept hearing it pulls hotter for sure but literally noone could say how much hotter so i told myself im gonna find out lol

Just be careful where you point that flamethrower. Get you a GP high draw 2.1 & let it be your workhorse. Actually, get a few.

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…says the guy with a lobster in one hand & a turkey leg in the other. One of these days, you’ll get that promotion to Senior Vice President of Operations haha.

Hmmm, I could go for a lobster…been a good many years. Now turkey legs…that’s much more common.

When I get that promotion, I’ll be immediately reinstating those weekly TPS reports.

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