We just hired

As many know, I have been doing large Parking Structures for over 29 years…longer than any shelf proclaimed expert. .

I always have ask contractors who are on my Facebook site if they would like to join in on an account to share some of the money.

I do not choose from those who attack others on the net.

Usually those who use " Fake ID" on the net do so because they do not want their customers to know how they really do act on the net. Recently, a contractor asked another one of my subs if he could please join us. He need the money, yet he continues to bash others on this site acting like he is all that. I NEVER will hire those who are bashing others on the net.

Enough said…

Once I have chosen from those whom I think would benefit both ways from working on the jobsite. They must have 2,000,000 mil or more insurance and worker comp. and show quality of work via video and have at least 8+ years experience.

Once confirmed,

I fly them out, cover all of their expenses like hotel food etc., use only my equipement and they go home with lots of money in their pocket.

My subs will make anywhere from $10,000 for a few days of work to $89,000 depending on how the jobsite is, meaning how large the site is, what their role will be in cleaning the structure.

My subs are very happy with the money they have acquired working with me in a very short time.

I am pleased to say we hire another subcontractor today. He too is VERY grateful about how much he will be making.

Again, I have NO problem sharing the wealth with Professional Contractors. I do have a problem with the bashing of those who are successful… as some have told me, being jealous is never a good motive on how to make more money while working less.

Interesting, why do you choose to hire other contractors instead of employees?
Do you have employees?

call me

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Ok. Tomorrow Friday if that works for you.

What is the point of your post, just want to brag a bit?

Wow, congrats! You are amazing.

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Gaudy self-promotion. Apparently his amazing group of contractors isn’t big enough.


Ya know, I think it’s been made pretty clear in the past that this isn’t the place for promoting your FB group or soliciting new subcontractors.

@Jordie, @squidskc, @steve, whaddya guys think?



Rotflol :joy:

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Can we just end this thread?

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Its about raising the bar.

So many say it is fake, or it cannot be done.

So many say if you are making all of this money, then why don’t you share it with other professional contractors.

Some say, if you make this kind of many, only work 30 days a year, have expensive cars and trucks, then how about sending it our way.


Since last year, I have been sharing the wealth. But I will only share it with those who do not attack others on the net.

@JimGamble I have a large degreasing job Im willing to let you in on.


The potential entertainment value is too great to end it this soon…

I’m a horrible mod, lol


I am starting to agree with you. Let’s see where this ride goes. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you the one who ask Josh about a job?

What does “won” mean, are you talking about won-tons? They are DELICIOUS

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I mean why post this? If you’re making that cash great. If you need the help why not just go to those you know, here or elsewhere, and ask em if they have the time? I don’t understand where you were going here boss.

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LOL…When I wrote that, I just saw we won another 6 figure contract. I was thinking about that when I worte it…Sorry for the confusion.

I mean… is it in the TOS? Maybe we just gotta suffer through this guy telling us how fantastic he is without actually helping anyone in the forum. Another contractor in my area, who I really like and trust has said it’s on the up and up. The same contractor just sent me residential work TODAY because he’s working with him out of town in August.

And I’d probably love to hear what he has to say if you didn’t have to weed through paragraph after paragraph of “BUT WAIT! There’s more!” and he was helpful instead of boisterous.

I don’t really know what to do. If you or @Jordie or @steve wanna shut it down… It won’t really hurt my feelings. Lol.

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See the above post. Yes. Josh said it’s totally on the up and up. And I believe him.

But I think you are legitimately obnoxious.