WalMart Everstart Batter - 12v Question

My 12v setup from pressure tek is going to be here today and I want to try it out. Would buying this battery work?

I also don’t know much about batteries either. I know there are some old ones laying around. Can I just bring them in and have them count twords the purchase?

Is there a cheap way to convert this 12v to a standard electrical outlet. 120v or whatever it is.

Pump is a fatboy 7gpm and a 5800 5gpm

I got a 25% off coupon from autozone so if I can buy there that would be great.

That review rating. Yikes.

In theory it should work. If it lasts.

I would suggest calling WalMart and using google for your other questions. The rabbit hole goes deep when it comes to batteries and electrical appliances.

Thanks for the response. I did some research and I am just looking for something that will work for the pump and let me get the job done. I don’t need to get the absolute best value for my money, just something that will function for the remainder of this year.

I got a coupon for autozone 25% off. So hoping to shop there.

Will this pump work. I have a 25% off online coupon that says I need to use it in the next 30 minutes.

You want a deep cycle marine, not a starting battery


I am not finding anything at autozone online thats group size 24. They are all $200+ That exceeds my budget. I have the money but I have spent 4k on equipment this month and damn lol

You really need a bigger battery. Standard that most of us use that have been doing awhile is a group 27 marine battery. You can go with a slightly smaller AGM battery but I found they don’t last as long and when they start dropping off in power they seem to do so fairly quickly. As the battery starts losing power you’ll see your distance drop considerably from your pump. I have 2 hooked up in parallel.

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@Racer Can I just convert this to a 120v standard outlet. I bought this for a single job with the hops of adding on the service. I would rather buy a generator than a battery.

Was told by autozone this is a marine deep cycle 24 group

Beats me, sure someone on here will know. I use my 12v all the time for different purposes, post treating, spraying various chemicals, etc. Why would you want to crank up a generator every time for that? Batteries are cheap and a good one with fairly heavy use will easily last a year.

Sams club has some good batteries for decent prices.

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Depends on what you’re planning on using the 120v power supply for. You can put an AC/DC power inverter on a deep cycle battery, but you have to consider how much power you’ll be using and how quickly that will discharge your battery.

Pretty sure walmart has group 27 deep cycle marine batteries for right around $100. I’ve used one as the starting battery in my vehicles for the last 6 or 7 years. That way I don’t need a separate battery to run my 12v waterfed pole pump.

I have to replace it every 2 or 3 years because they’re not really designed for that purpose. I’m sure they would hold up great being used properly.

Just for simplicity sake. Plug it into an outlet at a property and in the future I can use the generator for other things.

Its a 12 volt pump. If you want to plug it into a generator then buy a 120 volt pump. Generators cost more than a $100 battery. Group 27 from Walmart will last you at least 2 yrs and it will give you 8 hrs of run time before its needs a charge.


I will call stop by walmart right now and pick up two then.

Thanks for your input and I will buy a 120v pump once these two crap out.

I think there are a number of reasons that very few guys run 120v pumps. I really couldn’t name them, since I don’t do roofs. But I’m sure they have their reasons :upside_down_face:

Why do you want to run a 120v pump? Stick with a 12v and replace the battery every few years. I’d much rather do that than have to mess with a power cords or have a generator running while roof washing. The quietness is a nice break from working with the noise of a pressure washer.

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Would you use this one for the electric start for the pressure washer as well?

Some auto parts stores will still give you a little cash for the cores even f you dont buy.