Vinyl siding odd drying spots and patterns

this house gets alot of sun and has some oxidation. I put about a 2% on it downstreaming and some areas have dried weird. Maybe they are drip marks from the holes or something else

What kind of soap do you use and I suggest you lower the amount you use

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I’d be surprised if you’re really getting 2% but I’d drop that in half. There’s no reason to use that high of a percentage on vinyl. You end up having to worry more about vegetation, discoloring decks, and you’ll just save money using 50% less SH.


Let it dry for several days (4 - 5) and if they are still there go back. Pre-wet, clean with super light mix of SH and soap. I would do only a few inches of SH in a 5 gallon bucket. Dwell for a few minutes and rinse a lot. Go back in 4 to 5 days and recheck it.
This is the 5th or 6th post on this same thing this year.


Where are you and how hot is it. What’s your housewash mix and what equipment are you using.

it was a hot day and the vinyl was hot . Today it all seem to disappear. The drip holes weren’t really dripping but they probably came from there and dried and then disappeared… idk I got a $50 tip and the guy saw it all taking place to.

Sharpe my set up is a pull behind simpson 4200 psi 4gpm. General 20% high draw downstream injector . I use a 5 gallon buck with straight 10% SH and an ounce or 2 per gallon of Elemonator.

Well, that’s a first. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen on here that is downstreaming straight SH with a 4gpm. What do you think that means?


I’m down streaming straight 10% with .5 oz elemonator per gallon mixed in but my injector draws 10:1. So I have about .7-1% mix landing on siding. Gotta count for the degrading of SH ya know lol.

2% is kind hot for vinyl, heck .5% is fine it just takes 10 minutes to work.

Either dilute your mix or get yourself a 10:1 injector.

Are you running a 4?

I’ve found that a half ounce per gallon of elemonator is best. Two ounces per gallon is way too much.

I told him a week ago 2% hitting the house was too strong (if he’s actually getting that) and to mix 2-3 gallons of water and the rest SH. I mixed 3 gallons of water with 2 gallons of 12.5% when I had my 5.5 gpm and it only took 5 minutes for algae to turn brown.

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I am running a 4. Been saving this season for a enclosed trailer build with a hot 8 and I have the funds for it but waiting till I hit double what I need in profit as it’s the smart thing to do

You’ve done a bucket test and you’re getting .7-1% with your 4 and a 10-1 injector?

Correct. For every gallon of water drawn through the GP 3-5 gpm injector during my test way back when, I just about filled two 5 gallon buckets. That was with my soap nozzle too through the hole in the 5 gallon pail lid. I’m shocked that it’s a shocking thing ? I use about 2-3 gallons of sh per average 2500 sq/ft 2 story home.

I know the GP injectors say they are capable of a 20% pull but I’m getting just about right on 10:1

I’ll do another bucket test and get back to ya

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Who said it was shocking? I just asked you a question.

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Just took a look at the injectors on pressure tek, pressure teks responses on the reviews say that 4gpm gets a 10:1 ratio with the 3-5 gpm models. But then they comment saying it’s a 5:1 injector… idk haha

I know I use more Elemonator then I should but don’t seem to have too many rinsing/spotting issues, I like it because it makes it a bit easier for me to see where my solution is going. (insert wear glasses joke here).

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Under unrealistic lab conditions. No back pressure, on a small enough machine, you might see 5:1 draw rate from a brand new GP Hi-Draw.

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