Vine Stains on white brick

Hi, I’ve got a customer that lost some vines that covered his house this winter. They left behind slime brown/rusty colored stains. The rest of the house cleaned up nice, but I would really like to get these off. I tried 4-5% SH and a little pressure with no luck. I’ve got some F9 Efflo I could try and I’m open to other suggestions.

F9 Efflo, f9 barc, one restore. A good acid will clean that up. Let dwell. Wet any areas around it that you don’t want the chem on. Wash off. May need more than one application.

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Thanks! I’ll report back in a few hours.

Thank you so much for the advice. Here’s a picture of the test area (it’s not the best). I treated the bottom two rows of bricks. I can tell a huge difference. My customer so far is really impressed with our work so I’m happy to be able to solve this as well. Ran out of time today, but we’ll get this done.

I have a customer that has a huge issue with vines that covered his vinyl siding, no picture available. Have you cleaned vine residue off vinyl siding?

A flame thrower works really well. Seriously, We tell customers that we don’t do that because they don’t want to spend that much money. Occasionally you’ll get a small % of them off pretty easily. With brick you can blast them off pretty good. Vinyl I just tell them I’ve killed it and it’ll probably come off at some point in the future.

Yes vine residue and artillery fungus are two challenges i have yet to find effective solutions to. Even my own house’s vinyl siding is covered with artillery fungus spores in the front because of the mulch the previous owner left. I’ve done quite a bit of researching and no solution so far. Any helpful advice welcome.

Magic eraser

Care to extrapolate?

Not my video

Lol okay.


How much do you charge for removal? I am interested in hiring you to use your magic eraser on my house. I have it just on one side and little on my vinyl deck.

Will try it on my house for sure. Thanks.

It works, what I rec to homeowners.

I’ll need to try it on my own house. My son stuck a ball in our downspout and the subsequent deluge of water disrupted the bedding/mulch. Now we have artillery fungus all over the one side.

Absolutely, just give me a call. Due to inflation the price is $25 a sq foot.:joy::joy::joy:

I just recommend that they get rid of the mulch.

Agree. I try to switch them over to pine needles and/or tell them to quit using cheap mulch, lol.

Lol that’ll never happen. They’ll buy last year’s mulch to save a dollar at checkout before they’ll pony up for that top shelf Colombian Cocawood mulch

Rubber mulch is another good alternative, keeps color for 10 years but cost about $10 for a cubic foot.