Vehicle Wrap pictures help!


Is it worth talking about driveways and concrete? That’s what most people around me have pressure washed.


This is what the final edit ended up being. Thanks to everyone who posted


Looks good…as far as the Canadian language is concerned though, I would go with whichever term will be perceived as most professional and commonly recognized in your area. When they see “gutter cleaning” will they think you mean cleaning the gutters in the street, or will they think you mean cleaning their eavestrophs?


@RiseNshine99 Hey Trevor, any updates? How’s the wrap working out for you? Got any pics of the actual van you can post? Love to see it.


How much more do wraps cost and is it worth it?? I love how wraps look but I feel they are often distracting from the services and phone number, we went with something simple … what do you think


That’s a sharp looking trailer. I like it.

Only thing I might’ve done differently is a less condensed font for the website. Just a tiny bit hard to read.


Cost really depends on a lot of factors. But my truck was $2700 to have a full wrap on. Lettering with a logo would have been around $400

Advantages are:
can change the entire color of the vehicle if you want. (I had a red truck now its blue and white)
Much better at grabbing attention
Can help with stronger brand recognition.
Can be easier to read with better contrast between colors.
Gives the appearance of a company thats in it for the long haul. (not a fly by night company)

With lettering, you look like everyone else that also has lettering from a distance. With a unique wrap, even if someone is too far to read it they may get use to seeing the color scheme and just know who you are.


Good points! Thanks!


Guys you’ll keep spending all that money on wraps, people are going to call and bug you to clean their stuff. I’ve got 2 magnetic signs that I sometimes remember to stick on and my back sign is almost unreadable from bleach running over it and the phone doesn’t stop. You’ll never get any peace or quiet with all those signs.

Sheesh. You could take all of @Innocentbystander’s and my signs together and not fill up one fender of a truck. Just show up, do a nice job, do what you say you’re going to do, and be kind of nice to people and you’ll have more work than you can stand. Just saying, don’t over think it.


If I had to do it again, I would have the “Pressure Washing” a bit bigger but it’s still big enough.


That looks great!! But yes I agree pressure washing should be much bigger


I have one on the tail gate too… but being able to swap them out for different seasons has been nice. My Christmas light install magnets killed…

I had a couple on for small engine repair to try to stay busy 3 or so days a week through winter. I had to take them off because I was getting more calls than I wanted.


Personally I love wrapped vehicles…it separates you from the competition. Can add perceived value, trustworthy, etc.

A one man show can build a great operation with no signage etc. through delivering a great service and product.

But if your trying to build a business, with a fleet of trucks and a dozen employees you have to brand your self.

I don’t think a wrap equals to more phone calls…but I do think it leads to a customers overall experience, their impression of your business.


I would wholeheartedly disagree that you need wraps to build a brand or that it’s even really that much more helpful. It doesn’t matter how people associate your service with your logo just as long as they do.

I’d argue the vinyl lettering doesn’t help any more than magnets do.

I think the only thing wraps are good for is a $2000 tax deduction.

My small engine repair magnets with a phone number did better than my other magnets for a shorter sample window by a lot.

They didn’t even say licensed & insured!

I’d make a sizable bet that if you had just House Washing or Pressure Washing or Window Cleaning and a phone number with a readable but small, Licensed & Insured on a vehicle, it’d outperform any wrap.


Yep. My magnets did great on the little Toaster.

The main advantage to vinyl is its longterm cost effectiveness. It lasts longer, and won’t wreck the paint job.

For your situation, I’d recommend getting vinyl lettering for your main services, but place them in such a way that they can be covered up by your winter magnets.


I can’t speak for other methods but I can tell you that the customers always comment on how great and professional my truck looks.

Some have brought up the “perception” argument and have told me that if I had shown up in a beat up van, they would have thought less of my capabilities.

I haven’t really had much business from someone telling me they got my number from my truck but a lot tell me they see my truck all the time.


I also got magnets with the wrap and yard signs…


If I ever get the F-250 finished I’m testing my theory. I’m putting House Washing, Phone number, and Licensed & Insured as big as possible on the doors and a tiny logo under my website on the fender.

My big house washing yard signs with a phone number zip tied to my tote got more attention than my logo ever did, by a lot!

I honestly don’t give a single hoot if people in Kansas City know who Squids Pressure Washing is but I do want everyone to know who washes houses.




Brodie, do you’re suggesting professional image doesn’t lead to more and better paying jobs?