Vehicle Wrap pictures help!


Hey Guys,

Getting my van half wrapped and after some back and forth with the designer they have sent these prints. I always respect everyones opinions so if you have any ideas or thoughts about it, I would love to hear your response! Positive or negative. Let me know what you think…going to cost me 1940 Canadian but I think it really makes me look profesional on the job site.


If there’s a way to make the phone number larger without throwing off the rest of the wrap, I would do it. Otherwise, I think it looks really good!




Very interesting Steve … does it look to busy now ? Can you try and center the number and the email a little more ? Very nice though this is tempting ! I agree that the number wasn’t in the right spot before ! But kind of liked the loo by itself it really popped.


Personally I thought the phone number and web address looked out of place on the door all alone.

I didn’t save the file. You get the idea. Play around with it until you get what you like, even if it’s on paper.


First draft sent for my truck. Yours looks good.


That’s looks awesome !! Really clean and mint ! I’m loving mine just need to figure out the telephone number size and location


People don’t care what your name is. The best marketing…

  1. Tells people what you can do for them.

House Washing! (My main residential money maker would be huge)

Pressure Washing~Concrete Cleaning~Gutter Cleaning (other stuff smaller)

Licensed & Insured!

  1. How they can get in touch with you.


Building a brand around your name and logo are huge. And you should be proud of your business, but very few people are looking for Rise N Shine. A ton of people just saw all the algae on their house while mowing the lawn the day before or their wife said they need to get the house washed.

If I ever get a vinyl wrap, my logo and name will be the 3rd, if not 4th thing they see. In fact, in my mind, I see super huge on it. Help me out with organic SEO and send me an info request.

I wish I could throw money around Willy nilly to test a plain white truck with only the words:

House Washing
Call Now! Free Estimates!
Licensed & Insured

And a fancy vinyl wrapped truck with my logo as the focal point.

I’d bet an essential toe, the plain truck gets more calls.


This is awesome… except your contact info is so tiny.

I’d move the logo to the door and make the number a lot bigger to the side.

Does your house need a bath?
Schedule your siding scrub now!


I wonder how many people will google"Eavestrough"


Also people sitting in traffic can somethings only see the top of the back because of a car in front of them, so the top back probably should have HOUSE WASHING
But the phone number twice as big as the service.
I hate it when companies only put one thing, either the phone or their company name but no service/product description!


In Ontario, probably quite a few. “Rain Gutters” is sort of an American term. Most other places call them eavestroughs.


Never heard them called that lol


I was going to go with GUTTER CLEANING, and still can…cause this hasn’t been approved yet. However, I find gutter to be unprofessional… and in Ontario the only words that are used are Gutter and Eavestrough…


Where are you located where you have never heard Eavestroughs?


I also have never heard of eavestroughs. I don’t think my tablet has either because my spellchecker keeps putting a red line underneath it…lol


In TN we call them Gutters. When I heard eavestrough I read it as eavesdrop. :slight_smile:


South Georgia. I also spent some time repairing built-in gutter systems, where the roof pitch turns up at the eaves to create the gutter. Still never heard them called that.


North GA here…maybe it’s a GA thing :slight_smile:

In my un-expert opinion as a run of the mill person, with a chemical degree but doesn’t know jack about pressure washing, shouldn’t you be using words your customers are familiar with?


I mean I have had people say what is a gutter? But I agree that’s eavestrough I’d a little overkill! Technically speaking it is called an eavestrough… Slang would be gutter, which is why I am having a hard time with it BUT you are right! Gutter is way easier to understand! A lot of people don’t know what house washes are here as well, I have to describe that we clean siding and all other kinds of surfaces with their house and then it makes sense.