Using proportioner with pressure washing?

Hello. If person uses pressure wash 4 GPM system for soft washing (changing the tips) is it ok to setup a proportioner? I’m curious if there will be enough water flow for pressure washing when I need it cause that hole on the proportioner looks quite small. Thank you

Well, the reality is that when the sub surface particulates regenerate on the substrate it is with such velocity and rapidity that oftentimes the inertia from the 4 gpm is reverberated back thru the ionic field so as to dissipate before the proportioner can effectively actuate the desired response. I know that was a relatively simple response but maybe someone else can expound more eloquently.


I typically turn my proportioner up if i need more water power. But you know what they say, “zip it up and zip it out”

Well I’m stumped??? I’m guessing the OP is talking about running an Xjet???

I haven’t seen rapidity used in a sentence since Dad’s MANY vocabulary lessons 35 years ago! BRAVO lol

I know you guys just love to have fun with the new guys, but for the sake of keeping misinformation down…

You don’t need a proportioner as the motor simply ramps up power to force water through that small orifice for rinsing. All you need is a GP injector sized for your machine’s GPM.

That being said I do remove the injector when surface cleaning which makes a noticeable difference in flow.

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@sn1xon please share with us a bit more about your current set up (or the one you are thinking about going with). Your question is a good question, but, your definition of a proportioner may be different than ours. There are several ways to meter what your washer pump is drawing. If you have a photo of this proportioner that would be helpful too.

As @dcbrock mentioned earlier, the use of a downstream injector (aka downstreaming or ds’ing) is an extremely popular way to apply your cleaning agents onto the surface you intend to clean. It has its limitations as to how strong of a mix it’ll pull but it works well in many applications. Also, if @dperez tries to tell you otherwise with some new fangled gizmo he’s making just ignore him as he hasn’t sent us any yet to try out :wink: .

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Here it is guys… the moment we’ve all been waiting for:



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You can’t rush perfection! Actually I’m flying in to the machine shop this coming Monday to go over the next PW Gadget. I’ll be sure to shake him upside down to see if any Gold Standard Injectors fall out of his pockets

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You need to try out the Flowpro……amazing…you get more flo.

Can you rinse your injector with it?

I use this


If anyone puts their injector on a remote system they should put their water option to their injector on that same remote system as well.

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How many of those have you broken? I know a guy that’s been through plenty. That weak little flag handle snaps off if you look at it funny so don’t lol I can get you turned on to a more robust option LMK

Yeah- they feel cheesy for sure lol, have 2 backs ups in the bin just in case. I bought the mounting block and so far I have not had any failures or breakage….yet.

I only use it once a day, at the end of washing I switch to draw water and rinse the injector.

So I’m no expert, and I’ve gleaned all my information off of these forums and trial and error, and would not be where I’m at if it wasn’t for all of the experts on here, and their awesome advice.

I initially purchased a Shirtzbox, waited for five months, Chris couldn’t get one to me, refunded, my money, so I purchased the FloPro. I have to admit, it is nice, not to always be running through the injector, as I can feel the extra flow as it completely bypasses, I know a lot of guys are sold on the Shertz box though as it rinses, it seems like both ways have they’re good points and bad points.

I do feel like I get a little better fuel economy, although I’ve never ran a scientific test on that. If a guy is running to FloPro, is there a better way than the three-way poly valve to rinse? I have been getting 6 Months more out of injectors so far…….

Have you tested it to know for sure what you’re gaining if any? You have to remember by knocking out the injector you’re now not getting the flow it was adding to your stream. I feel it would be negligible at best

@Traskrider The Gold Standard DS Injector is pulling in and ADDING as much as 94.5 ounces a minute to your flow. Is bypassing your injector netting you that same increase in flow?