USAA Insurance

Anyone on here use USAA for their car and house insurance? Are there rates much better. Have access to them, just have never tried them. Just wanted to check before I go thru the hassle of filling out forms for quote.

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I’ve used them for auto for ten years-ish. Went with Travelers for homeowners insurance. It has been a while since I’ve checked other policies so I honestly have no clue if it’s a good deal or not, whatever that’s worth haha…I do know they don’t do commercial auto.

USAA rates are hard to beat. We’ve had them for about 8 years. Great customer service which is big for me. 10/10

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Everyone I know loves USAA. I tried to switch to their car and homeowners, but their rates couldn’t beat what I was already paying locally. I do have a loan through them and a checking acct.

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When it comes to how USAA competes with the bigger companies like progressive or State Farm, USAA usually has the lower rates. But, sometimes the smaller local insurance companies beat their rates. I personally tried to get an auto loan from them and they hit me with a 11% interest on a car loan. I said no and Toyota gave me the truck for 1.3 % interest on my 2019 Tacoma. So. Hit and miss with some services but, I agree that they do have some great customer service.

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have had them for home and auto for about 20 years, several claims, never jacked up our rates. They do not do commercial though :frowning:

The way they work is based on USAA member population in your area, so your insurance on an identical truck might be lower than mine because I live in the sticks. More members in area, cheaper the insurance rate is. THat is how is used to work, not 100% on it now.

Edit: When I called them about commercial they referred me to progressive (after about 20 minutes I finally talked to someone who knew something). When I needed an inland marine policy about 4 years ago, they farmed me out to an independent subsidiary.

My coverage doubled for the same price when we switched from State Farm. I had to cancel though because they don’t offer WC/PW insurance.

I switched to USAA after GEICO started raising my rate for no reason. My best friend has used them for years with no issues as well. Definitely worth price comparing.

Even if USAA was 20% higher than the next competitor I’d stick with USAA. Their customer service is top notch! If you have the ability to switch and their rates are competitive with what you have, I’d switch.

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I have them and they were half of state farm. But looking elsewhere now because they refused to respond to my numerous requests about obtaining liability insurance…

I have them for my auto loan, auto insurance, home insurance, and credit cards. Best rates I’ve seen on all of them, and you can’t beat their customer service. 14 years now, and I don’t see myself switching anytime soon!

@T_Rudkin Are you talking personal liability or business liability? I just got a quote from them (which they ended up going through Travelers) for biz liability. Unfortunately, it’s about twice as much as Joseph D Walters.

Yup, I like them.

I use them for pretty much everything. Auto and home insurance, and banking. Switched from progressive about 12 years ago and saved a bunch. They offer multiple account discounts on their products. I think they’re hard to beat.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Sounds like definitely worth pursuing…A lot of you talk about customer service, all I can find so far is pretty much online for everything. Do you ever actually get to talk with someone?

usaa new member info 800 531 8080, its on my card, don’t think I ever called it. Might have changeed.

Touchline 800 548 6423

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You can do everything online but you can still talk to someone. I think most are in the San Antonio area, however I did talk to a girl in Omaha once when I was stationed in Georgia

I’ve been with USAA for home/auto for 30 years now. Rates are usually the best and their customer service is outstanding! I have never had an issue getting repairs or with rate changes. 1 800 531-8722 is their insurance number (I believe)
When I needed commercial auto insurance, they sent me to Progressive (through them) and it was also fairly easy.

I’ve been with them since '85. Honestly not as good as they were back in the day but still better than most.

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As far as customer service, you will not find a better company. I started using usaa from the beginning of my military career 14 years ago and just ended my relationship with them due to much lower homeowners insurance rates and auto rates with farmers. During that time I always assumed I was getting the best deal on my rates but that wasn’t the case. I also attempted using them for a home loan quit early in the process because of never being able to talk to the same person. With all that being said, I can only recommend them for auto loans and banking. Their process is streamlined when needing to get an auto loan.