Uploading Problem

Anyone have problem uploading pics??

Yea it says it uploads but nothing shows up


looks like it worked

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I tried mine from my phone did you use a phone or computer?

Yea used my phone nothing working

@A2Zpropertyservices careful your significant other doesn’t catch you with that power washer porn.

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Sounds like a job for the admins… Oh Chris

Yea just tried again won’t work

I used a computer.

This is phone attempt

If the picture is high resolution the file size will be bigger. I think there’s a cap on mobile phone file size uploads.I don’t know the exact size. I had that problem early on but changed the resolution of my camera and the problem stopped.

That is a pic of a nightmare for the buyer and merry Christmas to the vendor who sells that crap

Ok just fixed it on my phone … pics post on my other topic… thanks

??? What is

I quoted 150 for just the dumperpad and the small walkway in that picture. You think I went to cheap??

Always used my phone before. Today is the first day it did not work… I havent changed any settings or resolution., it could be that with the changes we is making to the forum,that they reduced the acceptable file size??? Oh well

the pic of the machine on an aluminum skid with 2 discharges and an unloader hanfing off 9 threads on a cheap pump

Didn’t see that… Haha a. Just looked at it

Had to use photobucket to upload mine just now

It’s a comet tw8030, not a face of comet?? Just wondering about your opinion on it, I dont own that unit but I know of a few guys running those and they seem to like them

Find one that has more than 2500 hours and see what they think about it. Aluminum vibrates so much holes waller out and you can’t keep the belt tight or pump aligned. Unloader snaps off. Comets are crap. It’s a smidge over 8 gpm so when split you only have 4 gpm each. Much better ways to spend money in my opinion