Upgrade to 8ft bed pickup or van? Van questions

I have been debating on which to upgrade to either an 8ft bed pickup or a van as I am currently working out of a 6ft bed. Not a fan of trailers in my area. Guys that use vans is it ever concerning being inside with the SH? Also would addinf a partition behind the seats block this smell?

I have a van flatbed lol best of both worlds

You can probably get a mid sized box truck for what you’ll spend on a van and no need to worry about SH smells in the cab.

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Research sealed and vented tanks. You can keep 99.9% of the fumes out of your vehicle if set up correctly. Shouldn’t even need a partition (though it’s probably still a good idea for safety reasons)

Pics? I’m having trouble picturing what you mean.

Edit: are you talking about your TruGreen Isuzu?

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Drives like a van… but hauls like a truck lol if that makes any sense


Here’s my van setup. Solid partition/bulkhead, and rarely smell any bleach or exhaust fumes. My bleach tank is vented out underneath the rear corner. Still haven’t got around to building any shelving yet, since spring came in like a tidal wave that I’m still trying to ride in. Those husky velcro straps from Home Depot that have metal hooks or rings on them are awesome though for ladders and spare hoses.

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You don’t use the npr?

Edit… see it in the background lol

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It’s in the background, my two full timers use that and I use the van.

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I took a big ole girl to prom with a hair lip in the 80’s. She was prettier than that truck van. TRAN,VRUCK etc. But I’m not flashy either,whatever works. But I’d want tinted windows

Two things I will never do.

  1. Trailers

  2. Vans

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I wish I could say the same. I got a 1995 dodge 1 ton 4×4 11’ flat bed with a 18’ trailer. I need it to do combines and tractors and quarry work n such in the field. My other is a Kenworth T 300 with a 22’ flat bed. I hate the dodge n flat bed toting a trailer. Always breaking stuff off road.