Sprinter Build


Since a few guys were asking, I went out and snapped a few pics of my Sprinter. I’ll try to get a video up soon. This is a 2010 MB Sprinter 2500 170" wb. They do make a 3500 dually as well. Room wise, there’s 14’ from the bulkhead to the back doors, and about 5’ wall to wall, with just over 4’ between the wheel wells. Even with over 200 gallons in the buffer, it drives and stops just fine, mind you I’ve got 100’ of corrugated drain pipe stuffed in there for a baffle. I’ve got the tote drain facing the door, and a 2" pvc with a screw cap on it so I can drain the tank super easy. The frame work on the bare walls make a great place to store guns and wands. Also, the doors open all the way to the sides of the van, and have fairly strong magnets that keep them from closing, even on windy days


I never realized how much room was in those vans. Do you have any ladder racks?


Thats nice.


I don’t. Just using velcro straps with the hooks on em that they sell at HD and about everywhere else. I think they make a fold down ladder rack for them. I wouldn’t mind hanging it from the ceiling and having wall space for shelving.




Nice rig man






Thank you so much for posting those pictures…very helpful!

That’s a really nice layout too. As far as securing equipment goes, are you machines bolted down, or secured another way? Also, how easy is it to move them around for maintenance, if necessary?


They’re all bolted down, but access to the nuts n bolts is pretty easy. Plenty of room if I need to unbolt one and scoot it over for some reason. Takes just about a minute to unbolt one machine. I’ve thought about tack welding the nuts under the van to make removal even easier.


:+1: Thanks again for posting all this great info!


You’re welcome! Been meaning to post it for a while, seeing as not too many guys are running out of Sprinters. I love not having to hook up and yank around my 20’ trailer anymore.


That is pretty impressive!