Under bidding

Lets play a little game called “who can guess the under bid price”.

So long story short.

One of my long time condominium complex clients that I do a full complex wash every year wanted another estimate on a new complex they just aquired. Now obviously they want to use me because of our relationship, work ethics, ect. But of course the HOA board needs to get a couple more bids with mine. I will always work with them to ensure we get on the right numbers to make it happen. Well not this time…

So my contact called me and said we have a problem. My bid and another were right inline with about $1k difference which is normal. The third bid was a different story…The board said it was a no brainer at that price. My contact had no say at that point.

120 Townhouse complex.
1800 to 2000 sq ft each
Two story each with second story decks.
One car stand alone garages

My bid:
119 units
$168 per unit.
Full wash including decks.

Here is the game…

Lets see who can guess the winning bid!!




I’m gonna say someone went in either around $100 per unit or under the $100 mark. . Saying $11,500ish.m, final answer


I can’t see the garages in the pic and don’t offer deck cleaning. I’d be $47.50 a unit and 4 guys would take one day. Add $15 each for garages. That’s with no deck washing so probably not apples to apples comparison

$47 a unit is ridiculous.

I really hope thats a joke.

One day with 4 guys is not possible. Trust me.

You would have to see it in person.

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I can’t see much from your pic. If they are just 2 story town homes. $45 to $48 is going rate. either way, it looks like just 16 buildings. That’s an easy day for 4 machines. Maybe add half day for garages.

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Going rate in my area would be $150 to $170 per unit with deck.

Each building has eight 1800 to 2000 sq ft townhomes.

I run my trucks with two guys and two 8gpm machines in each truck.

Even two trucks with four machines in one day is not possible.

I was projecting one truck, two guys, and two machines for 5 full days.

Like I said, I wouldn’t do the decks. I can assure that without the decks it’s an one day deal for my guys. If I could get more than $50 a door we might stretch it out to a day and half. But, there’s my price. I wish I could bid against you and you would hate to be in my area lol.

Yeah you would be pick of the litter of jobs up my way at that pricing. Lol.

Still cant see the one day job though.

I would assume we wash the same way too.

But hey, we all have our ways…

Back in between 2 buildings. One goes to back and to inner sides, one to front and outer sides. Either way, were both making money so it all works out in the end.

This is a little sad, that the board doesn’t have the sense to realize that they probably shouldn’t go with the bid that’s way out of line with the two others.

Sure, there’s a slim chance that the low bid is from a reputable company like IBS’. But more than likely, it’s some inexperienced newbie who’s getting in way over their heads, or someone who just doesn’t have high enough quality standards. It’s a risky choice they’re making, IMO


I would be $250 for the smaller units and $350 for the larger ones 4-6 building per day with two man crew.

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So how much were you undercut

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You are joking.

Good call!!

It was $8,900

$11,000 under my bid. LOL

The figures you quoted looked totally fine on paper until I zoomed in on the map a bit.

The block attached for example, units 2, 3 & 4 don’t have any sides - $168 for one those units doesn’t seem like good value (for the owners anyway).

Interesting thread :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same pricing and crew expectations Billy

It actually all evens out.

The two end units share a garage.

The middle units have their own garages.

And on the backside the middle units have more linear footage.

I didnt quote them by saying $168 per unit.

I just used it as an easy way priced for you guys.

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That is crazy that you guys would wash one of those buildings for $250…

We are basically talking about an 8,000 sq ft building you guys would wash for $250??

Thats insane.


Man I love where I live…I couldn’t deal with some of these low prices I’m hearing…here’s a pic of the property that im the supervisor of…my company always gets three bids and uses the cheapest one…last time we had the roofs washed it was $14,000 or $16,000…and the answer is no I’m not allowed to bid

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