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Hello. With all the knowledge and posts I’ve gathered from here, I’d like to begin and ever-growing list of common stains and suggested methods to reduce or remove. I will continuously go through and update this post the more I learn. If you provide solid advice, I’ll edit this top post to include the information. I will try to give credit to the pictures I use for each stain. If I use yours and don’t give credit please let me know and I will promptly fix it or remove it at your request.

The customer has these weird white stains on his fence. It’s too uniform for me to believe it’s a mold or efflorescence. The pattern appears to be from a sprinkler system interacting with the wood. Is it mold? I assume a regular Sodium Precarbonate pre-treatment and low pressure will clean it up nicely?

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I will post solved stains under here:

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Often caused by improper mulching. Will not come up with Pressure Washing. It kind of has a barbed hook that hooks into the surface. It can be “removed” manually (finger nails, brushing, etc) but there Most have to be manually removed (finger nail, brush, etc) and even then will leave a stain behind it. Since it is a manual process to remove, this is not typically included in a house wash. If the customer wants the bulk removed (again shadow stain will remain) they will need to pay for the elbow grease. Some here report Magic Eraser or de greasers works pretty well. Very well known issue in the industry. If you can develop a method to remove them, you will be very rich.

I’ll do more as time goes. If you have a weird stain you’d like information on please post here. I will consolidate the information into an easy helpful post.

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Artillery fungus isn’t fallout, that’s totally different. If that’s what you meant?

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I am so new that this is the feedback I hope for. I’ve thought it was the same. Sorry for being wrong. Any better information is very much appreciated. Signed. Dumb guy.

No need for sorry, no worries, we’re all learning. Those dots are artillery fungus, we tell the customer they will still be there after we clean. I don’t attempt to remove it, that’s just how we do it……


At least I knew that part :slight_smile: When I saw it for the first time I reached out to a mentor and was told it was Fall Out. Glad to hear I heard wrong. Mean’s I get to research the proper things.