Ugh ,gotta buy new hose again


I’ve never questioned my hose. It’s two wire at 6000 psi,my machine is at 3500 psi. Always bought the same 2 wire legacy hose from my local Hotsy dudes to keep them from not forgetting me. I know it’s over priced at $220 for 100’ . I started buying heavily from Pressure Tek this year,love um. My question is ,can I get Goodyear Neptune,or comparison 1 wire hose at 4500 psi and be just as rugged on the outside as the 2 wire? I also wash on gravel all day. Not concrete n lawns like ya’ll do,concrete is probably more abrasive . It’s 1/3 less price and around half the weight.


I run 200 feet of the blue goodyear neptune from pressure tek and have a couple 50 footers for backup. I do almost exclusively residential house washes and i love it. Its light and flexable. But a lot of people will tell you to go with the gray non-marking in uninterrupted lengths of 200-250. IBS listed where he gets his hoses from and it was a good price point as well but i can remember what post it was on.


Thank you @Clint1 . I saw that post from @Innocentbystander and @florida_condo_cleani Some place outta NY. Also saw the shipping charge. What PSI are you running at ?


Go to your local hydraulic shop for hoses. At least price them. My local hydro shop gets the blue 2 wire no name hose (apparently the same hoses as the eagle wash hoses) on spools and builds them for me. $225 for… drum roll!! 225’ feet with swivel fittings.

Bonus: when they have them I get stainless steel male and female QC’s for around $3 a piece.


Well my machine is a 5.5 @ 3500 gx630 presure pro belt drive 5535 GP triplex pump. I dont usually get close to that psi unless im dialing in a new unloader

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I did. 1 wire $2 a foot ,2 wire $3 a foot. 3 wire $6 a foot


Dang… that’s bonkers. Do you have Eaton, Parker, or Engineered Sales near you? Engineered is where I get mine. Eaton and Parker shops will be cheaper than yours.


Continental Blue Neptune 2 Wire Hose 4500 PSI 3/8 Inch - 150 Foot $364.43

hit me up if you’d like support.


My real question was ,is the 1 wire as rugged on the outside as the 2 wire ? I’m looking to save a little. But I’m really interested in far less weight as well…

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I’d stick with two wire. It’s pretty much the baseline.

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Thanks @squidskc ,I really appreciate the help and feedback sir .

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I personally run one wire. But I’m not as rough on stuff as some of these guys. I’ve yet to break a hose.


Thank you @SchertzServicesLLC . I’m gonna stick with @squidskc advice. I forgot to mention that I run hot water machines and two step with different acids. I beat the heck outta my hoses washing big rigs. I don’t wanna push it I gather. Just didn’t know if I was doing an overkill

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I run 1 wire because it’s not the pressure that kills my hoses . It’s cars and the amount of chemicals. I ran 2 wire for the longest time because I thought it would last longer and for most it will . Unfortunately it doesn’t help any when up again cars running over it all day


I’ve run one wire hose for 3 years. I blew one 100 foot hose but I got it cheap and got what I paid for. The 1 wire Suttner hose I got from PTek has lasted a while and is still going strong.


Sales gimmick ?

to rich for my blood

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How long is “a while”? I’m seriously considering switching to the same hose. I’m pretty rough on hose though…I usually replace each season.


My 100’ length of hose is under 13 lbs

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1/4 inch right @dperez ?


I run 1 wire from Powerwash store and it’s been fine. Almost a year now and I always use it instead of my 2 wire. It’s just that much more flexible and lighter. It did end up blowing up right at the compression fitting but the hose is still good. I had a new one put on at the Hydralic shop but have yet to use it again. I am in a lot of gravel but I’m sure not as much as you. I only want to be as busy as I have to be :wink:.