Udor Pump 8gpm model

I was anticipating my new 8gpm waterdragon to come with a udor gkc 30/24 but it came with a ckc 30/24s

Are these the same?

My have stainless or brass valve caps, vs gkc having stainless and teflon treated parts. Hard to say. Not sure why its indicated as electric motor req.

It has electric start but I’m debating if should send this back. I was told this one is the replacement for the gkc by the vendor. Don’t know if I buy it

It’s same same. Apparently the body is just more robust and the paint is better from what I got from udor.

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The Udor rep told me they were the replacement for the gkc. I have been running the same pump for a few months and it has been awesome!

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Have same pump but it pulsates when you use it. Just can’t figure out what’s wrong. It is connected straight to 275 gall. Tote. Please advise if you have same.

Pulsates means you have an air leak or bad unloader

I have the same pump with 20 hrs on it works perfect.

I replaced 2 unloaders. Both were leaking after 2 weeks. Just installed new one and same problem (

Check all of your connections. When you replaced the unloader multiple times did the symptoms go away only to come back later? Did it fix it at first?

No at all. Same problem … still feel vibration in the gun and high psi hose .

Do you have a filter from the tank? Make sure it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

If changing the unloader is not making a difference it’s likely not the problem. As @Innocentbystander mentioned you probably have a leak somewhere and pulling air. You shouldn’t have to but double up on hose clamps on all of your supply fittings if need be. Turn them 180 degrees of each other. When checking for vacuum leaks on vehicles there are smoke machines. I’m sure the same principle could be used here.

Will check . I have gp tsf 2021 and if compare udor and gp productivity … gp looks twice more productivity compare to udor .

The best way to “seal” the hose connections is to use a heat gun to soften the hose, put it on the nipple and wrench down hose clamp while the hose is soft.


Any way I should check intake of water . Right ?

Yes. Take out filter if there is one and see if that solves it.

Do you feel vibration in the hose and the gun. Have you tried different hose and gun? Do you get the same vibration with any size tip? What gun are you running? How long is the hose? Are you using a reel? If so do you take all the hose off the reel or only what you need?