Type of hose

Does non marking hose actually work? Is it worth it? And do i need 1 wire or 2 wire? Which makes more sense to get? Thanks

What is it for? 12V or what?

2 wire if you’re doing flatwork with hot water all the time. If not, single wire is fine. Get grey non marking and save yourself the annoyance of rinsing blue marks off everything while breaking in blue hose.

Not all non marking are the same. I had one years ago that left blue marks on everything. 2 wire hoses will longer but are heavier. May also make a difference if you have a flow unloader vs trap but I can’t verify that because I only use flow.

As others have said, just get the gray non marking 1 wire and be done. I’ve ran mine pretty heavily for over a year and it’s still like new. Just treat it well

I am using for pressure washer setup i have too machines ties together for 10 gpm with trapped unloaders. I mainly do house washes. i just get tired of spraying up the marks that my hose leaves but i thought it was supposed to be non marking so i wasnt sure if the non marking Term was like a marketing scheme.

I got the grey at Southside, not sure but I think it’s Legacy? It works fine and doesn’t mark anything.

Back to the drawing board my friend lol. Jk but non marking and wire hose are pressure hose.

Gray hose is the safest way to go.

I bought JGB’s gray hose and haven’t had any issues. Some companies say the other colors are non-marking but people on here haven’t found that to always be the case.

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Anybody ever use the spray flex pro hose from southside equipment? Its gray non marking 4000 psi hose But its half the price of the other hoses


Looks like it just comes in 50 and 100’ lengths, if that’s what you’re after.

I bought their 200’ grey Legacy, works well.

I like to use 50’ sections incase i get a blow out i dont have to replace a whole 150 foot and be out of business until it ships

Do you use a hose reel?

You can splice a hose bubby at you local Napa or most o’riley auto prts store, Imo its a pain catching all those fittings on Things and rolling it up, makes it heavier as well , The also make a field splice kit.
We use 1 wire black from pressuretek , its a good bit lighter and around $100 for 100’ .

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Yes i have reels

Wouldn’t you need like a hydraulic crimper to crimp the fittings back on after splicing though?
Couldn’t imagine anything crimped by hand would hold up to 3000 psi


What would you use to crimp it then. Do you have a link to a kit or a crimper?

The hose repair kit doesn’t require a crimper due to the way it’s designed. You should consider it as a temporary fix just to finish a job and then take the hose to Napa or a hydraulic hose store for proper repair.

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