Two-stepping windows?

Got an interesting request for cleaning windows at an in-patient psych facility. They have security bars that are not removable. The windows haven’t been cleaned in many years. I have a good working relationship with the facilities maintenance manager, and he has realistic expectations on a touch-less window cleaning.

I got to thinking, how would a fleet-washer’s brain think about tackling this sort of thing? Could it be safely two-stepped, with a pure water rinse?

@Hotshot, @dperez, any others?

How about my window cleaning homies, @dcbrock, @Steve, @Jordie?



Put house wash on them rinse with hot water. You can Ds windex and rinse has worked for me In the past. When I had to do apartment with bars

I would think some sort of deionized water rinse would be in order once cleaned.

Haven’t got hot water, but I can see how it would help

Gahhhh!!! My window cleaner’s eyeballs are burning from just reading the word :rofl:

Absolutely :+1:t2:


I’ll also tag @CaCO3Girl and @Henry_Grover_Jr for their chemical expertise.

Henry, this could be a fun one to film, if they approve the bid. It’ll have a little of everything: heights, power washing, glass cleaning/restoration, chemicals, heights :upside_down_face:

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You got it! Just let me know. I’m all in for the fun. How has the Dad been doing lately?

He’s been doing well. I’ll let him know you said hi :grin:

Any thoughts on how we might attack this project chemically?

Did you seriously do this? I feel like its a joke thats going right over my head.

I am thinking a high pH water for the pressure washer. There has been a lot of fascinating stuff on this. I would be very interested to know what CaCo3Girl has to say on this! I am very interested in using pure high alkaline water to clean especially with cavitation. Water is just incredible.



That stuff looks wicked cool, but wicked involved to get into. It might be a neat winter project.

Bleach (SH) is high pH, and I know it takes care of spider webs :smirk:

It’s the environmental contaminants on the glass from years of neglect that has me worried. That’s why I’m thinking of a two step process including an acid of some type. Followed by a pure water rinse, of course.

Does he want the bars cleaned too?

As far as the windows, I’d think about DSing Glass Gleam. Maybe an oz per gallon of water.

Have a DI tank plumbed before your buffer tank and rinse with the PW with like a 40 or 60 tip, or a M5DS nozzle would be even better.

As for this last point, I’m strongly considering doing this for certain applications, like rinsing windows after flatwork at Wendy’s. But you’d probably need a full DI tank at the least, if not 2 plumbed in series.

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He didn’t ask about the bars; don’t think they’re high priority. But I’m guessing that anything I do to power wash the windows will result in some welcome ‘collateral cleaning’ to the frames and bars.

What would the main benefit be of the glass gleam? Sheeting action? Dissolving crud? Doesn’t seem like it could do much at that dilution, but it has been a long time since I’ve touched the stuff :man_shrugging:

DI tank before the buffer was exactly what I was planning on doing for the rinse. Thankfully we have very good water quality in my town (like 35-45 ppm at the tap). But if I was going to use DI water for everything, and not just rinsing, I think I would want to start out with fresh resin in both of my 1/2 cube tanks.

I hear that Ebc glide does good on windows . I’ve gotten my hands behind on windows with bars , but them bars look wicked . Let us know how you do it

Two stepping with
Luma bright, PH acid followed by HCS 400 would get all that gunk clean ,and take a lot of rust off of the window bars as well. Hf acid would work amazingly on those bars and 100 year old dirt and shine that glass like a new penny as your#1 , but it’s to risky that high up,HF cannot be left to dry on glass or it melts it.
And also, is it not in the budget for a lift ? I’m assuming not.
Anyways that’s my 2 cents,sure you have a way better idea than us rubber ,scrubber truck washers.

PS : I wouldn’t COMMIT to anything, after all, it is an Physc Ward.


They have a lift on site, and they’ll train me how to use it :grinning:

Definitely don’t want to risk melting any windows. Also, they’re old, and I don’t want anything too toxic in case we have some leaks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my wife has made a call or two, for me to have an extended stay… :rofl:


No I seriously do that all the time

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I see what you did there.:+1:

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Oh lol. I would think it would be so weak after downstreaming it would really do anything. I have heard of guys dsing EBC on Windows but never Windex.

Try it. It works for me


The GG4 would be to clean the window. You definitely could increase the ratio.
I was thinking you’d clean the window with the PW.

How were you going to scrub the glass?