Two-Step Gun In Action

Thought I’d share a video I took today of us washing a tanker with the two-step gun for those that are curious. Using Supersonic and Dynaclean & Bright from Hydro-Chem. We can do the whole truck and trailer in about 30 minutes like this. In the video it looks like we just turned the aluminum white but it’s not as bad as it looks. Still shines once it gets rinsed and dries.

Employee should have soaped from bottom to top and he didn’t need to go back over the whole thing with acid but what can you do!


Not worried about the car next to the truck?

We always rinse them before and after if they’re close enough to get overspray. Never had any issues.


Ahh cool. If you see my truck though call me and ask me to move ! :crazy_face:

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I’ve looked into truck Washing as we are close to a major highway transition and a turnpike changeover. If seems like most companies want this done for free. Chemicals seem expensive but they work well. I just cant figure a way to make it profitable.


Also it’s not like it’s going to harm it unless it dries. If you take your truck through a car wash you’re getting close to the same thing sprayed on it.

It doesnt fit… the ladder rack get in the way!

You wanna show us the gun up close! Lol

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Do more off a video of your setup for this when you get some free time. I haven’t seen this before.


Fascinating stuff. I have about zero interest in fleet washing, but I would like to keep my aluminum flatbed looking a little nicer :nerd_face:


Here you go. Slight correction: I said the hose is “vacuum-packed” when I really meant to just say “vacuum”. Also, I’m not affiliated with PowerWashStore in any way. I know Hydro-Chem makes a two-step gun as well but it’s significantly more expensive.


Dude I’ve been waiting so long for this. I made one myself before but it was low pressure soap. It looks like you have high pressure soap?

This is pretty fascinating… Very good video on your two step gun walkthrough! Thanks for sharing!

Dude,your givin away all your secrets. :smiling_imp:

How’s she holding up after a few months? Awesome stuff man !

What fitting is that between the injector and 3 way ball valve?

Just a brass coupler. Holding up fine! And yes, as mentioned in the video, I was told it soaps at about 1500 psi. I’m going to experiment with it and see if I can get it any higher.

One more question, what size fitting is that from the injector to the brass coupler? I’m guessing you discarded the barb?

I didn’t make this or put it together. As I mentioned in the video, this is from PowerWashStore. I’d assume that it’s all 1/4".

UH-OH. what ya gonna do now @dperez?? @pressureguy is now up streaming and DS at high pressure, basically at the same time without going through the pump ,with environmentally safe soaps n acids …:joy::joy: