Two single tank set up.Pratical or not

If I were to have two separate one tank 12v set ups on my trailer.It this practical. One for chemical/wash and one for rinse.

Do you normally rinse with a 12v system? Seems like that would take forever. Why not set one up on a pressure washer and one on a 12v that way you have the best of both worlds

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I am pretty new to the soft wash side of this and want to build my own set up.Trying to save money the 12v set up is pretty cheap compared to a pwser set up just to rinse with.I have been only using pwser to clean ranchers in the past and now starting to get a lot of calls.

You can soft wash with a pressure washer. You cant pressure wash with a softwash machine
12v pumps are good for roof cleaning and full strength chemical applications

What are you using now?

Just a basic 2.5 gpm power washer.Only do occasional jobs but now people ate starting to call on a regular basis and need to upgrade and start doing it full time

You think you’ll be washing mostly vinyl or more stucco/dryvit?

If funds are tight, get a 4gpm/3500 psi belt drive, some hose, injector, a Jrod and buffer tank. You’ll be set for soft washing and future surface cleaning.

I’m new though, just my .02.

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Build your own pressure washer. Harbor Freight Predator 301 CC engine, AR 4g40rsv direct drive pump. 200 ft of hose. This pump will pull from a tank, and $1k later you’ll have a much more useful machine than you would if you spend $1k on a pre-built unit.

For under 10k you can have a commercial set up that doesn’t have to be upgraded


I washed alot of houses with a 2.7 gpm unit when I first started. I know you day people are starting to call but the biggest mistake people make is to buy a bunch of expensive equipment. Ask yourself are you at the point when you are booked to the point that you are turning down work and your machine is just not cutting it or are you thinking 10 people have called I need more equipment. BIG Difference in the 2. I am just guessing but if you are still looking 12v system because its cheaper you are not turning down work
If you are buy a quality machine build a soft wash rig and make some money. If you cant do that yet keep using the machine you got till it breaks or you dont have enough time to finish what you scheduled in a day. At that point the price will not matter

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Borrow if you have to, but buy the equipment you will need two years from now, not what you can afford with cash today.


I wish I listed to @Innocentbystander and borrowed money for a professional setup at first. If you’re serious about washing you will need a real machine to work with. 8@3000 or 5.5@3500.

That’s my opinion. And my opinions are fact. Just ask my wife.


Wish I had ten grand to spend.I am pretty mechanically inclined so I know I can build a simple system to start out.Just trying to add to my existing construction business

You can build an 8gpm 3500 psi (Predator with GP or Allison pump) for about $1300. Add a couple hundred for gun and hose of your choice

Can you guide me where and what to purchase and or have plumb schematic

1750 GPM
6.8 PSI
$548.00 $

i just ordered new pressure washer with cat pump 4gpm but cannot find video what is needed to convert to soft wash