Truck washing (Soaps, Tips and Tricks)

If you find the owner of the truck ,they might have a place to wash.Word gets around the water cooler that your washing and doing a great job,then BAM,your golden.I was told they have to own atleast 3 or more to be signed on with Amazon. My 2 cents.

They said corporate would not allow them to wash on site due to EPA. I asked if I was to reclaim water could we make it happen and he said no.

These aren’t Tractors. They are the Amazon Prime Vans, Chevy 2500 vans and Mercedes Vans. But there are every bit of 100 of them. And they aren’t getting cleaned at all, every single one is filthy. I gotta figure this one out.

A couple of months back tried cleaning some trucks for a small trucking company. Turned out I needed a little bit more training and let him know this. My sister-in-law’s nephew does fleets so I passed on his information. After doing the Nebraska Furniture Mart’s trucks last weekend I talked with the owner of the trucking company and asked if he’d found anyone to clean his trucks, which he hadn’t. So we scheduled me to come out today and do some washing. Sent him these pictures and he was extremely happy. Now I may have his tractors and trailers as well.

I know there not tractor trailers. But an owner has to have multiple vans in order to have a contract with Amazon.

Look good !

The distribution center is not Amazon but another 3rd party company that does the delivering. This van is probably 95% of their fleet:

Thanks, still need to work on efficiency. But this being the second weekend doing this, I’ll get it down within the month.

10-4. Sorry. Now I get it

If you’re ever in Arkansas come on by and I’ll show you how to polish big trucks. Good craft to have when ya make a boo,boo…20181226_153234|690x388

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I will definitely stop by if I am ever down that way. What part of Arkansas?


Little town ,called Lynn Arkansas, population 272. Outside of the big town of Batesville Arkansas.

When I am not washing houses,I work for UPS. I have been in the transportation industry for 30 years.
I know for a fact that Amazon is making a huge push to expand it’s delivery services, not only their own products, but to be a player in the small package delivery field.
There have been rumors of them wanting to purchase FED-EX ground. They are big enough to do it.
This could be HUGE for you.

UPS studies everything. Methods,movements, efficiency at it’s best
UPS washed every vehicle, every day when I first started (30 years ago). I used to volunteer for overtime to the wash shift after my sort shift ended. They had a method. 1 package car washed in 6 mins or less. Water fed brush pole.No pressure, no soap. Once you got the method down it was pretty easy.
Stack them up side by side, 2 guys could wash an entire section of cars in about an hour.
2 guys…20 cars an hour…160 cars a night…done
Those Sprinters and Transits are way smaller than UPS cars. Just sayin’

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You newer gens need to realise you dont need cleaner for everything. He just needs to powerwash it out. Im sure @Racer agrees with me. Were Both prob hitting close to 80. But we still got knowledge

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Better yet, he should awesomewash it! :wink:


Did a tractor this weekend and we had a film left on that I couldn’t get off without wiping it off with a dry towel. I’m using a local vendors soap here called Blue Thunder w/ Wax. It is a 11 or 12 pH soap. We foamed it on, brushed and then rinsed with hot water. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a better alternative of soap that won’t leave the film on?

I thought about using Panel Bright on these tractors but don’t want to waste more money with the same results, especially when I don’t have to pay shipping here.

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It’s either soap film from letting it dry before rinsing, not rinsing enough or your soap is not good enough quality to break the road film.I can’t remember, are you using heat? Also what’s you’re DS ratio for applying soap ?

I bought soap from envirospec, back when I was green, had wax and heavy polymer crap in it. All garbage.

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I’m thinking it might be hard water.

I’m not DS’ing it. Have a dedicated foamer, .25 gallon of soap and 1.25 gallon of water. I wet surface down, apply foam and then start brushing (I’ve tried dwelling it and brushing immediately with minimal changes in results) and then rinse with 180 degree water.

I think I am going to get some Panel Bright to see how that works out as well. I know (at least have read) that soap is good. I’ll use the locally sourced stuff for the white straight trucks until I run out of it.