Truck washing (Soaps, Tips and Tricks)

I just want to say thank you to everyone that has replied.

So how about your pump or coil up streaming? Just worries me to death shoving aggressive soaps through my $7000 machine. I’d love to try it. 2 stepping is the fastest I’ve ever washed a truck ,clean mirrors, stainless air breathers ,all chrome and aluminum etc. Just curious as hell to all ways of washing. Single step, down streaming suck’s ,that I know

You’ll never eat through SCH 80 pipe so your coil would be fine. I have coils that have torched through multiple stacked diffusion plates. I have one of my buddies in service that’s about 20 + years old. He believes it will run another 5 years easily. However, we go through pumps about every 8 years. They get multiple rebuilds in that time. The cylinder on the soap side of the manifold will slowly erode and eventually cause the pump to chew on those set of seals. When you just rebuilt the pump two months ago plan on it only running another two months. They’re only $400-$500 and they’ve run 16k thousand hours so they’ve more than paid for themselves.

In reality I’m 2 stepping and you’re 3 stepping lol. Yes, acid will get it 4-5% cleaner but it’s proven it harder on the paint and unless you wash everything in a wash bay like streakin beacon you’re going to have difficulties in the sun. Add the cost of the acid to every job and the EXTRA step and I’m out.

All my trucks are staffed with one man. The other info is up top

Today I am hitting the streets and knocking on doors, so to speak. There are a couple of property management companies here that needs their dumpsters cleaned. Going to try to sell myself and services to these companies. Also hitting up a couple of trucking companies to set up a demo and try to win some contracts. Also, the trash companies here needs someone to clean up after themselves if they have an accident in the neighborhood. The guy that was cleaning up after them just retired.

Starting out sucks, but I enjoy the challenge of selling myself and the product I can produce for them. I’ll be doing this all week so hopefully I get a couple of bites.


So you do or don’t know the 2 stepping process??


I know how it works. I just need to learn to perfect it. Last thing I want to do is makes someones truck all fuzzy because I used the wrong chemical or it was on too long.

Just giving you a hard time man. :grinning:

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Went out kicking in doors today. Went pretty well when I was able to talk to a decision maker. Sometimes its hard as hell to get past that “gate keeper.” A lot of the businesses had “No Soliciting” signs so I just walked in and introduced myself and gave them my flyer and business card and asked to be contacted if I could be of service to their company, in and out within a minute.

The same company that I did the box trucks for this weekend (Ford Storage) has another division and I stopped there first. Talked with them for a little bit and he finally asked what I was charging. Told him $45 for a 53’ trailer, $35 for a tractor and $25 for box trucks. If there were more than 40 pieces I could give a 5% discount. He countered that he can get his 53’ trailers cleaned for $10. I am sure he was just seeing if I would budge, which I didn’t. Told him I couldn’t even buy my soap for that, verbal jockeying done by both of us.

I was going to go to property management companies today as well but my dumbass dropped an olive relish on my pants (right over you know what) and couldn’t walk into businesses with a wet spot right up front. At least I have something to do tomorrow.

And then I was about 5 minutes too late to respond to a facebook mention to get a BDubs gig (damn not driving and checking those text messages when driving). Talked with the lady and she said she would keep me in mind the next time she needs the outdoor eating area cleaned.

When is it appropriate to contact companies after first contact with them? 2 weeks is what I was thinking.

Thanks again guys for the ones that replied here and that sent me PM’s. I really appreciate the mentorship

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Nebraska must have a different definition of “no soliciting”.


Are there a bunch of owner opps in Nebraska you could track down near you ? I tend to go after them because it pays way better and you actually have a good relationship with there pride n joy and they want them washed at least biweekly.

I have one that I am doing this weekend. I tried to clean for him once before and didn’t have the right soap, technique, etc…

Told him I would get better and when I thought I was good enough I’d come back to him. Talked to him today, gave him my card and he wants me to come this weekend because he is tired of paying to have them taken to truck washes. It’s just two International straight trucks. I told him I didn’t want to jump into his Peterbuilt with a bunch of polished aluminum right now until I can perfect that before messing up one of his trucks. He was thankful that I came back and stuck to my word, albeit 5 months later.

Wash the dang Pete.Even If you just get the run of the mill mild truck soap and dollar general purple power and brush a little for a while till you learn more about techniques and proper soaps,degreasers and acids.Then you’ll be safe,happy and go home with confidence and a lil coin to show for it.

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If it’s polished, you don’t have to worry about applying acids yet. But I’d recommend citric acid after your comfortable. Same stuff that’s in soda pop. Save you alot of ,ugh ,I swear I brushed that air breather or fuel tank…

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Paving the pavement again today. Currently sitting at an Amazon Hub in Omaha. Have noticed that all their vans need cleaned for some time now. The waiting game sucks though, have sat here for 30 minutes waiting on the right manager. Not sure how long I will wait for though. Probably an hour and then head off to the next one.

Well that one sucked. Amazon will not allow them to wash vehicles on site, even with reclaim. And they have been trying to find something to work since October.

Oh well, on to the next one.

You can’t have them drop off/pick up the vehicles at a location you can wash them at?

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I Ould have to pay rent somewhere to make it happen

They’ve got a problem, I would work on a solution. Lot of those running around.
Why can’t they wash on site? So how do they ever get washed?

There owner operator’s, I’m assuming they get them done on the fly, at a truckomat ,or alike.

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