Trilogy of the naked cat


I thought @squidskc and @Innocentbystander would appreciate this.

Got daisy a sweater at the store today…


She needs pants. Lol


Some things can’t be unseen.


I, for one, think your naked mole rat “cat” is stinkin’ adorable in a hoodie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Of all the people on here I honestly figured you would think she was cool. Idk why…


I’m super allergic to cats. Like face and airways swell. And I think they were sent here by the devil to capture souls. Just my humble opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am too. She’s hypo-allergenic.


Still not my cup of tea. Lol


That’s why they are awsome.


Still looks like a gargoyle to me.


One of my WC customers has a Rex. Claws are permanently out, looks like it would kill you with looks alone. That was one mean ‘cat’.

On the other hand, I have others with naked cats that are real sweethearts. Go figure. I’m very fond of my black longhair, best ‘pet’ I’ve ever had.


My ex’s name isn’t Daisy?


This thread reinforces why I am a fog person!




Texting and working don’t mix! :joy:


So it’s a general rule in the house you look for the cat before you flop into bed. She’s always buried somewhere warm.


I bet if that cat rubs up against you under the covers it freaks you out…lol


I can’t recall how many times I’ve sat on one of my cats for this very reason.


She’s normal to us lol.