Trilogy of the naked cat


Both just basking in the sun :joy:


OMG tell the dog to get inside the sun already burned the fur of the cat lol…jk


I can’t help but feel sorry for that cat. And I am a dog person!? :neutral_face:


Do you have to rub sunscreen on your cat?


Maybe they have a sunbrella for it? There’s got to be a story behind them getting it!


Your supposed to if they are outside. She doesn’t go out but she gets a good tan going.


Im a bear person. Cost alot to feed him but i wouldnt get rid of him for anything.


Jk i seen that guy at the Columbia SC zoo yesterday.


One more time…animals don’t have opposable thumbs, therefor, THEY DON’T GET TO WEAR CLOTHES!!!



What about a hermit crab. It wears clothes kind of​:joy::joy::joy:


Gargoyle all i think about when i see that thing


@Grizz…I’m sure there’s a great joke that I could use but I’m not gonna…I’ll keep it clean lol!



lol I found your cat a girlfriend!


Well she’s a girl. Looks like a heavy metal singer lol


Saw this and though of you. Happy Easter