Tried to buy 12 percent SH but was told to hit the road


We get 225 gallons 55 gallon drum - 4 drums delivered every week -2 weeks (depending on how many roofs on the schedule) @ $1.60 per gallon.
Comes out to $490 for 225 gallons with delivery


Hit me up when you’re in town.


I pay $5.50 a gallon in Ohio. 324 a 55er 987 165gal and around 1900 for 330gal… I’ve found a supplier in North Carolina that is only 1250 for 330 shipped and everything


It likely is. State and local agencies are trying to stop people from spraying SH all over the place and letting it go down drains.

For those that are interested; SH is also used in bathroom cleaners, pools, grout brighteners, cleaning chicken plants, meat and poultry facilities, laundry facilities…have your excuse ready folks!




Um, okay…maybe if you click your heels three times you can make it untrue???


What’s interesting is that, here in Hillsborough County Florida, we received a memo in the school district that the janitorial staff is no longer allowed to use bleach as a cleaning agent. ALL bleach products are to be removed, 100%.


That would be part of the “get all the hazardous products out of our schools and jails” push…no I’m not kidding. It’s a thing.


I actually started hearing about this 2 years ago when NPR did a segment on it and a doctor was accusing liberal environmentalists of wanting to take us back to the dark ages of disease by getting rid of bleach. If I remember correctly the doctor said bleach has done more for health and wellness of mankind than any environmentalists ever have.


I am down in New Orleans, a bit of a drive for you but you could buy in bulk and make the trip every two weeks or so until you are BIG timing… message me and I will give you my supplier, don’t want to post for ALL to see…basically they have 2-2000 gallon tanks they “go through every couple days so call ahead when you are ordering (15 gallons :joy:)” $3.65 per gallon, no minimum, just call a couple days in advance.

For everyone else here…I am new to the industry and was having the hardest time finding a supplier via Google. I mean “janitorial supply near me”, “chemical manufacturers near me”, “chemical supply near me”, nothing was getting me anywhere only puzzled receptionists and account managers who “had an old 55 gallon drum of 12% in the back.” Long story short, pick up the phone and call your biggest competitors, roof washers or even branch out into some of the other industries mentioned above. Just ask the guys who are already buying it where they are already buying it.

I had some cool convos and met some nice competitors in the area, found out who was out of business, gained a mentor/friend, got some leads in my hyper local area, got a pulse of the market, and also got on the radar for some guys looking to team up on muti-rig jobs. Best day I’ve ever had that didn’t make me any money. My (newbie) advice to other newbies: Pick up the phone and call your competitors, just keep it professional and don’t reveal or ask too much.