Tried to buy 12 percent SH but was told to hit the road

Howdy folks.

I wanted to buy some 12% Sodium hypochlorite. Looked up a local chemistry supplier. Called them. The call was answered by secretary. I told her I needed some chemicals for my cleaning business and she took the name down and the list of chemicals. Then when I mentioned Hypochlorite she said she will have one of the salesmen call me back. That never happened.

So I called another supplier. The woman there asked what if I was going to use it for cleaning and I said yes. She said what type of cleaning. I told her a pressure washing of houses. She said “sorry, we have a deal with manufacturer to only sell to industrial businesses. If I was cleaning industrial they would sell.”

So I called yet a third supplier. Pretty much the same story, except he said that they can only sell totes and to buy it I will need to have an EPA registration and hazardous placards on my truck. WHAT!?!?

I am wondering is it only related to this area (Jackson, MS) or is it a normal practice?

Is there anything I need to tell them or not to tell them to get my hands on some 12% SH?

By the way, I am shopping as a business entity, not a homeowner or anything like that.

Thanks for advice.

I had to call a number of companies before I found a supplier that would sell to me. Some of them would only sell to licensed pool service companies. Others had high delivery fees.

Keep at it. I was able to finally find a pool & chemical supplier a little over an hour north of me that has flat delivery fee of $35.

You may need to arrange delivery to a commercial location. My local hardware store has agreed to receive my SH shipments for me provided I pick it up in a timely manner. (It helps that I do a lot of business there and am friendly with all the staff :wink:)

Until you can find a good bulk supplier, try and find an outlet store that sells 12.5% in gallon jugs. We have Ocean State Job Lot and Runnings that both sell it seasonally. Other areas have Menards and certain hardware stores that carry it.

I’ve read what others have claimed about the 10% at WalMart supposedly being similar to 12.5% elsewhere, but I can definitely tell the difference in potency. I had to use a lot more of the 10% to clean effectively than what I’m using now.


ANY pool shop will sell it to you, it’s not the % it’s the quantity from chemical suppliers.

If you’re happy with 5 gallon containers, get to a pool shop :slight_smile:


I’m in Brandon. call me I know a couple of places. It sounds like the first place you called was a place in florence. It also sounds like you called Harcros in vicksburg.


Same here in socal, pool stores won’t sale me 12.5% without a pool cleaning license… I just settled with 10% get the job done

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My apologies. Must be a U.S thing :+1:t2:

Pool stores were a strike out in my area also

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Epa registration is only if you are using it as an EPA pesticide, you are not.

Placards…yeah…well…you can blame the 49CFR for that one. Anything over 119 gallons is considered BULK packaging. With a specific gravity of 1.3 you are looking at a gallon weighing 10.834 pounds…multiply by 275 for the 275 tote you get 2979.405 pounds of SH in the tote; and poof you are required to have placards.

What you guys use is called the materials of trade exemption. You may want to print it out

The short version is that you are allowed, as part of a necessity for your job, to transport hazardous materials. However, all together it can’t be more than 440 pounds. And that means all your caustics, acids, and SH combined on your rig can’t exceed 440 pounds.


Where can I find your phone number?

Check your inbox

CaCO3Girl, thank you for the info!


Good info girl

Another member on here alerted me to Lowes 10% in the pool cleaning supplies. Works in a pinch when I can’t get to the pool store.

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Guessing some of you don"t have the luxury of a power washing retailer by you?

What’s that?!? :joy:


I found 12.5% yesterday at the local Menards for $3.99/Gal. The best I can get around here.

If you have a Farm and Fleet over your way you can catch a 4 pack of 12.5 on sale for $11.99 every now and then. Maybe even check Rural King since they’re are a similar store.

No need for a pressure washing store i get mine straight from the tap, acids too.


Thanks for the info! I never thought of Farm and fleet. There is one in Champaign and I get over there on occasion. Thanks again!

I don’t get what the fuzz is about the 12.5 vs 10. I understand, obviously, the full strength difference; however, most of you get it and dilute so much that it defeats the purpose.

Maybe in your areas, the conditions are worse. I’m in FL and I can handle everything with 10%. Less harmful and it’s $1.45/gal retail. I’ll get it cheaper when I can get bulk.