Tried to buy 12 percent SH but was told to hit the road


It’s really no fuss! Everyone is just trying to get more bang for their buck!!! You’re paying $1.45 for 10% But if your supplier went to 8% and went to even just $2.50/Gal I’m sure you’d be looking for better prices as well. I just paid $3.99/Gal so enjoy your supplier @1.45/Gal


Same thing happened to me man you gotta keep calling and eventually you will find one to sell to you. Univar turned me down and Harcos minimum purchase was too high for me. I eventually found a place called Kor-Chem to sell to me and they made it easy to purchase.


I get mine at Rural King.
4 gal $9.99.
Its 10% tho.

Seems way weaker then the 12.5 I used last year.

But so far its the easiest to acquire.

I’d give anything to get it in bulk but I have had no luck thus far in finding it in bulk.

Searched called emailed every company I can think of and No luck!


What state are you in? You might have to have it delivered to a commercial location but it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone willing to help. I just have it delivered to a buddy’s farm. I have a local mechanic who I’m sure would also let me deliver there. I live in a small town though so people seem more likely to help one another.


I fill my 65g tank at a local pool maintenance shop. They used to service my pool. Its 3.00/gal but its close and easy


I’m near Jackson, MISSISSIPPI


Placed my first “bulk” order today. Eight 5-gallon carboys. Total cost for this first order will be $209, but $64 of that is for deposits on the containers.

Due to the $35 delivery fee, obviously the more I order the better the price /gal. But I don’t want a ton sitting around and getting stale.

I envy all of you southern guys getting your (super-fresh) bleach delivered dirt cheap :smirk:


I live near a bleach plant and still can’t get it. Only 1 gallon jugs and you have to buy 4 pallets.

They sell it thru a hardware store almost next door to the plant but its $5 gallon! Used a ton of it last year and it is good fresh stuff but I’m going with 10% this year. $2.50gal. Closer to home. But it honestly don’t seem nowhere near as strong as the 12.5.
I’m hoping what I’m buying now is left over from last season and it will get stronger when fresh arrives!
Fingers crossed!


If it is super fresh, my guess would be, it’s likely closer to 15% That’s why it seemed super hot.


Was my thoughts also😀.
I just washed a house today with this 10% and I swear its last years stock. Junk!
DS straight and just barely gets it done😡


I have heard from three people this week that Univar and Brenntag are asking what you are using it for and if you say algae removal or pressure washing they won’t sell it to you. :thinking: Wondering if this is going to be an issue going forward.


SH delivered yesterday.

Confused the heck out of the guys receiving at the lumber yard where I had it delivered. Guess the manager didn’t give them the heads up, and they didn’t think to read the customer name on the shipping slip. They were like, “We don’t Sell chlorine… where does it go? :exploding_head:”. Haha :rofl:.

They were nice enough to help me load it on the truck.

Shipping slip says it’s 15%, even though the containers say 12.5. I’m excited to try it out today. Might need to go one nozzle smaller with the proportioning injector :sunglasses:


If it’s fresh enough it’s nasty stuff. I’ve had deliveries that are hot! Want to be careful.


I really didn’t mean to come across the wrong way. What I meant was that if you can get 10%, you’ll be fine. Good luck with your hunt!


No problem and thanks! What part of Florida are you from?


DeLand, FL.


Ok…I was in Naples for many years. Not pressure washing but water treatment. I loved Naples! I hated to leave.


I understand…it’s lovely here in FL.


I have an aunt and uncle who live in DeLand. He got transferred from Illinois to Florida many years ago for work. We go to FL every few years for vacation and always stop by and see them for a day.


I found that pool supply places will only sell to me at full retail, so I went to their supplier and asked for the local sales rep. I made a deal with him to buy 15 gal barrels. I started out picking them up but now they deliver them to my house for an extra 30.00. They did go up to 3.00 per gal but it’s such a minor cost in the big picture I can’t quibble about it. My point is that the local rep has a vested interest in selling product so they might not be as concerned about what you’re using it for.