Trex Composite Type Deck Cleaning

New video on cleaning a composite deck


looks great Racer

hey when filming you can turn your phone horizontally to get full screen on the videos and eliminate the black bars on both sides

I’ll try that next time. Sometimes hard to hold phone and work at same time. Got a GoPro but its kind of a pain to upload so I rarely use it.

Makes the GoPro virtually unusable. So frustrating.

I know right. I was excited when I got it, but never use because of that. $250 paper weight

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Great video. I’ve been hitting the composite decks with 1% house wash mix 2-3x because I don’t have a proportioner and I always end up with more mix than I need.

I think I do need to get a m5ds for decks though. That looked like the perfect mix between a 40 degree pressure tip and soap fan.

Used Racers advice today. Thank you for the great video


Why not xjet?

I love Trex decks. Never had one that didn’t clean up nicely. Plus people with them usually willing to pay more to someone who kind of knows how to do them. Get anywhere from .50/ft - .75/ft if no pickets.


Yea this one was super easy. It was harder moving the patio furniture. Used your 2% mix suggestion and dwell 10 minutes.

I hate the x-jet if it’s not absolutely necessary. Wrangling two hoses and buckets isn’t my idea of fun. Plus I only have 2 proportioners left for every x-jet we have. Nothing gets lost easier than proportioners.

Next week we have a composite deck that’s two levels and a good 100’ away from the truck. We can only access it by going the long way around the house. The upper deck is on the 3rd story. We’re running two machines… I couldn’t imagine 4 hoses and buckets.

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I totally understand


That works. I just don’t know where to find one. lol

I wish I had your problems. Give me your address. =P

I’ve never lost one. Still in bag that came with it since I’ve never taken it out but once in 2 years. :sunglasses:


I used my x jet for the first time yesterday. I used an old SH jug for 5 gallons of mix. I was exhausted after moving that bucket around! Months ago I purchased a backpack sprayer to make an xjet carry jug and I can tell you right now that’s not happeneing!

I think the xjet has its place in this world, just not a regular housewash tool I’ll be using.

My new injectors came in today that @Innocentbystander recommended and man was it amazing! I washed a 2 story house with attached garage, a 2 car garage, and a shed in half the time it would have taken me to do just the house with the 12v

I even had some fuel plumbing problems that added about 20 minutes to my time and a chatty customer! Pure amazing! I’m glad I ordered 2 so I have a backup.


Thats good. Unless you ever decide you want an acid burn down your backside.

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I saw a YouTube video and had ordered it before I read that statement on here.

Old 1st generation Trex today. Down streamed house mix and rinsed. I had to scrub a couple of tough spots.