Training? For pressure washing

So I live in the state of Texas and right now I’m looking to do some online training is there anyone who can tell me which is a good program to learn from for online classes I was looking at Doug Rucker/ pressure wash university or any other ones you can think of?

We use Powerwash Academy from Hinderliter.

Like any of them, they’re essentially the basics (safety & spray techniques/mixology) for guys coming from outside of the industry. They do go into a decent amount of detail (how the machine is built, wood resto, etc.), but it’s a lot for a guy to get all of in video training. We give them permanent access, and hopefully they’ll remember some things as they encounter them.

How is the section for xjet material? Do they give examples for using proportioners and without and chemical ratios?

To be honest, just reading hours of threads on here will give you more than enough training and insight to get you headed in the right direction. It’s a little tricky sifting through sarcasm and facts, or just plain old bad advice but “there’s gold in them thar hills” if you’re inclined.


Just call the store and you’ll learn more about the xjet than why where else

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Online classes are just venues for selling product. Avoid at all costs. In person classes from vendors are essentially the same thing. You’ll honestly learn more here than most places. Heck, a RMJ copied and pasted a training book from here :slight_smile:


I definitely concur in most cases. I will say that I’ve been through most of the PWA courses myself at this point, and while they obviously sell stuff as another part of their business, I haven’t heard a single product mentioned by name that I can recall (other than one bit about named skid products I think), and not a bit of a sales pitch. I also took an in person with them at the Huge Convention and they didn’t try to sell a single thing during that either. We use it purely because it’s scalable for teaching new team members the basic essentials without necessarily having to walk them through it in the conference room for several days, every time we hire someone. It’s definitely a benefit for us, but your mileage may vary…


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You will definitely learn more about any product you’re looking at from the people who deal with it every day! If they can’t give you good guidance on how it can work for you, then it’s probably not the right product for your business.

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