Trailer weight and tow vehicle

Hi everyone! I searched a while and didnt see too much info on this, especially nothing recent.

I’m curious what everyone has for a trailer set up ( And its weight, if you know it)?

Also curious what you use to pull it?

Or if you have an entirely different setup i’d like to see it, ie i know infinity has a truck norris the tacoma/flatbed that has a water mule, or PPWofLex has a truck bed setup.


I started out of an f150. Carrying a trailer behind me wasn’t going to work for my location so I just worked out of my truck bed and would haul everything in and out at the end of the day to my garage. It was kind of a pain in the butt. It got the job done but i wouldn’t recommend it.

Last year I put together a rig using a used Penske box truck. I absolutely love it.

If you check my posts I’ve got a build post on it asking a million questions about things and showing my overall progress on it.

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i did read yours too, thats a cool setup. I think i read your up in AK, i was up in ketchikan for a while so i understand a trailer not making any sense up there.

Here’s mine…

The 4Runner has AWD which comes in handy on rain slicked back roads and steeper driveways. Trailer is just small enough to fit in tighter places but still holds everything I need.


i see youve got a 4th gen, is that the V6 or V8? any idea on trailer weight?

V6, I’d say it’s about 2500#? My trailer was a ‘unicorn’ COVID find out in Indiana.

Speaking of 4gen, my stepdaughter was looking to get a 4runner and got a 2018. I just assumed the systems carried over to the new models, but her SR5 just has the basic non-TORSEN 4wd system. Bummer.

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I would use that term loosely referring to my set up. I’d say I have a hodge-podge of some stuff in the bed of my truck that makes houses clean again, lol

But there are some really well thought out and nicely done truck bed set ups out there/on this forum. It just depends on how much effort and money you want to put into it.

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I started last year with a clapped out Chevy Uplander (retired USPS mail van).

Got it set up more efficiently, but not the safest.

It got me through all my jobs last year and made some money. Sold it last month and bought a 2019 Chevy 2500HD with a topper. Due to the area I live (can’t park in garage) so enclosed set up works best and the locations I clean having a trailer doesn’t work well… this was the compromise. Still getting everything adjusted laid out how I want, having a custom frame made to contain the reels, pressure washer, and tank… but waiting on a larger buffer tank to arrive so not sure when that will be.