Trailer vise mounting ideas

Anybody want to share vise mounting ideas for your trailer?
I have a vise I’d like to mount, was thinking the corner of upper rail? maybe there is a better idea? Do you hit it with WD-40 or what?

Merry Christmas. 99% of the time I think people use a vice for changing out couplers. If that is the case, try this. Weld three pieces of flat steel 3/4 tall side by side by side. Space apart for 3/8 and 1/4 couplers. Takes up less space and can be touched up with paint when needed. We use it to swap out injectors and replace couplers.


Shazam. Merry Christmas indeed. That’s a great idea. I’d still pack a vise you can attach with a screw clamp when needed. I have a tiny little vise mounted to the tongue of the trailer. It use to have a screw clamp on the bottom but I cut it off and it sees a ton of action.


Here you can see how it’s attached:

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Merry Christmas! Neat ideas!
Anyone cut the ends off wrenches and weld them down to the rail?

I have that same type of little vice! I love it. It may just find a new home on the trailer. Good idea!

It works with sone wrenches but scrap metal is cheaper. Wrenches are made with so much crap now sometimes even the magnet test won’t give a good weld

Don’t worry. When I come out in February I’ll show you how a real man can weld anything to anything. I’ll weld the horizon to the sky line.

Oh my goodness. I’m ready to learn. Still waiting top hear back on Feb properties. was supposed to give me approval before Christmas. Something always fills in the gaps though


Disregard what I said about welding. I’ve welded a couple small non load bearing things that are still together after 4 months and got cocky.

I take it back.

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Where in Wisconsin? I lived in Rhinelander for several years through end of high school and college days. The north woods in northern Wisconsin are beautiful. Great for Christmas time.

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Just north of Chicago. Janesville area.