Trailer suggestions

I plan to upgrade trailers next year, as many of you know I currently have a 5x8 enclosed.

Getting the same, a 5x8 but one with a side door this time. Having the buffer on the tongue is nice in that rinsing off and draining/filling water is external and easy, but a drawback that I can’t transport that water anywhere.

I’m torn on another flat front or v-nose. 5x10 is not off the table either.

If you can pull a 5x10 I would go that route. You can never have too much room especially considering you’re a window cleaner too. If you stay with the 8’ go v-nose for that little extra room. No matter what you get you should try and build up. That would allow you room for a 12v system and you would have some floor space so you can walk around inside.

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Would the buffer tank then sit over the axle or in the v-nose? Too close to the machine?

Found this company that builds various PW trailers.


Now that is a small trailer, but actually pretty dang cool. My only problem with an enclosed trailer would be just the lack of access to everything, bulkheads, filters, etc… The ability to lock it up would be nice, I’ve had things disappear from my truck that I guarantee the thief probably had no idea what he was taking.

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Oh believe me, I’d love to have an open trailer but it would be ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

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I’m not trying to be mean. It you seriously need to upgrade the vehicle first.

The van makes me chuckle but I like the hustle !

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Better than a Prius!! lol

Not much better.

Yeah, I know. The van is actually a wonderful upgrade from the 2001 I had.

Most of you guys just do pressure washing at a house. I’m a bit different, when I show up it’s typically a house wash, window clean and some screen repairs. I was considering a full size van but then I couldn’t use it for road trips.

i wont beat you up too bad on the topic but it does come down to safety with me. Families are out driving around and you need to have a vehicle that can stop the load it’s hauling.

This is the last I am going to say about your vehicle.

No I get it, if I were to get a trailer with a partly filled buffer tank inside I would definitely get trailer brakes and use the 4runner somehow.

As it stands right now my trailer loaded weighs ~1700#. I have no trouble driving it around with the 2010 Sienna. I think you’re confused, you big outfit guys carry water around, I drive with an empty tank.

My outfit is nothing, you should see what gets pulled around here in KY. :flushed:

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I’m not knocking what your doing. You have proved you are resilient. But, I don’t get how guys use their personal vehicle for work, and vice-versa. From day one my work trucks have been registered to the business and on separate insurance policies from personal cars.


There’s nothing wrong with using a business vehicle for personal. You just have to make sure your insurance company knows how you’re using the vehicle. There are also some tax laws involved when used for personal use. My dad’s company allowed him to use his company car for personal use but he only got so many miles a month. After he hit that mileage limit he just had to pay his company so many cents per mile. I imagine is was for the company to pay the taxes for his personal use. My mom, who didn’t work for the company, was also insured to drive the company vehicle. Just to clarify it wasn’t his personal company. It’s easier to keep them separate but probably costs less to use the one vehicle for both business and personal.

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Get something a bit bigger, you need it.

This. Don’t worry William, we’re fine.:+1:

This is bigger lol. I have more room in that van than I know what to do with.

I like how you have the buffer on the tongue. If you went with the v-nose and, the buffer inside, would you still have some storage space above it? If you went with a flat front the buffer could stay on the tongue. As far as putting it in front or over the axle it just depends on where your other equipment goes.

I think you should get this one so you can sell ice cream too. At least it’s the right color for an Air Force veteran. :grin:

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That is definitely the one to go with. Perfect color.