Trailer spare tire and jack

So, I ordered my trailer with a spare wheel/tire.
I don’t see many trailers with spare tires, not sure why not.
Any recommendations for a jack? I have seen the Jack in the Box but seems kinda pricey.
Anyone use those axle jacks where you move the trailer by pulling forward on a cam jack?
I figured a trailer needs a spare just as much as the towing vehicle.

In just carry a small,floor jack

Jack that comes with my truck. 2 cans of tire slime just enough to get me to a new tire or home.

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Carry a small bottle jack. Make sure it’s small enough to fit under axle or somewhere close.

If you use tire slime make sure you tell the tire guys before they take tire off rim. Don’t store it in a closed container in the summer

When my tire blew it ripped the fender off the side of the trailer. No amount of slime was going to fix that mess. I have a farm Jack in the truck. Always have a spare.

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I carry this jack for the trailer. Mine is difficult to use a bottle jack with.

It is about $30.


Bottle jacks in everything. 6 inch piece of 3 inch pipe cut in half with a collar welded on for boat and utility trailers. Collar fits over bottle javk

On this trailer you ordered, what kind of suspension will be on it? Leaf springs, or a torsion spring?
Leaf springs, you will need a jack.
Torsion springs, you only need a 4x4 block of wood.

3500 single axle leaf spring.
I have bottle jack but they don’t do well on a round axle.
Anyone use these:

Cam Jack

Those are best used by throwing them in the pond before you get hurt.


Where can you get the adapter for bottle jacks, I am not a metal fabricator.

Are the springs under the axle, or above it?
If the springs are under the axle, I use the spring plate to lift the axle. I have had to use a bottle jack on the round axle before, i agree it doesn’t work right.
That “V” style pad looks good.
Know of any welders in your area?? They could make something for you easily. Take your trailer, bottle jack, & have that pic ready to show them.

You do know that stuff will void any warranty you have on the tires?

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It’s only for the trailer tires. And honestly, I’ll pay the $70 for a new one versus getting stuck somewhere or quite a bit more to have it towed. It’s not my intention to keep the trailer much longer.

Ha ok just want to make sure you not throwing that crap in your truck tires. It will corrode on the inside of your wheels and throw off the balance as well it left long enough.


Nope. I’m gettin some new truck tires the week after Christmas so hopefully I get a ton of life out of those.

Anyone hanging the spare under the trailer?
I would like to see if that is feasible. Or a roadside mount.

Slime is fantastic. I run it in my motorbike tyres on long trips. And keep a couple cans in the van for emergencies.

Doesn’t even make much mess when you change the tyre lol. Nothing a Bit of newspaper on the ground can’t fix.

Tyre guys get annoyed when they don’t know its there and have to mop up the green goop afterwards.

I change my own tyres sometimes and the mess has never been enough to bother me. Took a slimed tyre to tyre shop once and they didn’t mind too much. Just happy I told them first.