Trailer Build

I’ve decided to build a trailer with a buffer tank and chemical tank. I’ve been getting busy enough that it is time to do away with the 5 gal bucket and X-jet. My main business is window cleaning, but so many people kept asking me about power washing that I started to grow that side of my business.

Right now I am using a 4GPM machine and want to build a trailer that will allow me to grow to a 7 or 8 GPM set up. I’m thinking a 200gal tank with 50 gal chem tank, downstreaming (with remote soon) couple hose reels and enough room for my guns and 20 inch surface cleaner. Any advice you have is appreciated from trailer size, tank size, hoses etc… Also, where do most of you buy SH in bulk? This will be a somewhat slow process (over the winter) but I will post pictures as I go.
Thanks in advance, Jarrod

It’s nice to see someone besides me who thinks the X-jet is just plain impractical-for house washing .

jbyrd - My first trailer was a 10 x 8 utility trailer - I had plenty of room for one 8 gpm machine, a 325 gallon buffer tank, two hose reels, surface cleaner, wands etc… Then my business grew and I traded up to a 12 x 8 when I added the Fat Boy roof pump and a second 8 gpm machine. I would suggest you go a little larger on the new trailer to accommodate future equipment.

FWIW do not throw away your X-jet - Contrary to what TTM (whos a flaming idiot and I suggest you disregard anything he has to say) feels about the X-jet it will continue to make money for you in the future.



Because I have an opinion i’m an idiot ? WOW…what country do you live in ? I live in the U.S. , where we’re free to speak our mind. I said the x-jet is impractical for house washing and I meant it. Who wants to lug a bucket of chems around – meandering through 500k-800k homes. Oh…forgot…you may wash mobile homes…Sorry !

Jbyrd sorry the clown jumped on your thread. Private message me if you like. We can’t figure how to ban the guy so it’s best to just ignore him.

Because I don’t prefer to use an X-jet I need to be banned ? WoW–where are you guys from -Germany ?

First let me say, Im brand new to this business so Im not sure my decisions will be the right decisions.

I was doing research to build my first trailer and made a list of my needs. After much thought here is what I decided on:

14 foot enclosed v-nose trailer with barn doors - I decided on enclosed for several reasons…Im in PA and decided this would solve my winter storage problem. I also travel on dirt roads and figured it would save wear and tear on my equipment. And last and probably most important, its a giant billboard. For about $1000 I did a wrap on both sides and rear that look great. I feel this makes me stand out and look professional.

3000psi/5gpm hot water skid - I decided on hot water to allow for future jobs cleaning equipment, hoods, etc. Figured I would just add hot water from the start.

325gal buffer tank - I have a hudson float valve set at about the 75 gal mark. This is what I carry most of the time to save weight. If however I need more water, I can just fill up the tank.

Two hose reels mounted on the back of the trailer - one has 150 feet of pressure hose. The other has 100 feet of water hose hooked to the hudson valve. I carry extra hose if needed.

Im down streaming from a 5 gal bucket at present but plan on adding a chem tank as business improves. Im thinking 15-20 gal

The front of the trailer has plenty of room for my surface cleaner, extra hose, brooms, brushes, and chemicals. I found milk crates screwed to the floor make a great way to carry everything. They hold 4 gal bottles of various chemicals, a 5 gal bucket and lots of extras. I also screwed pieces of PVC pipe to the walls which hold my wands, etc.

Hope this gives you more to think about. So far my setup seems to be working great but time will tell. Good luck with the setup. Let us know how you make out!


Sounds good, got any pictures?

I like being able to part fill the tank. I have that feature using two float valves, one at 250litres and one at 450litres. I plug my supply hose into whichever one I want.

If you ride around with the tank half full dump a hundred wiffle balls in it or a hundred feet of the orange plastic construction debris fencing to act as a baffle.

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I just built this new trailer a couple weeks ago. Turned out pretty good.


Mine is a 16hp Van Guard 250 gallon tank 150’ of hose.
General Pump with 4,500 PSI, Classic cleaner, 15’ boom pole
I love my set up.
The best thing about my set up is
My Electric hose reel… I push a button and reels up in a instant…:relaxed:


Wow that is a 25k rig no doubt

No I got about $4,000 in the whole rig…:wink:
and it runs just like a $25,000 rig
And It’s paid for

I think he was referring to @Boss’ rig. But your trailer is nice, too :wink:


A guy called @Boss builds the massivest trailer. Of course!

You should make us a video of all the features. That would be cool. Maybe I’ll be less intimidated by the 3 hose reels stacked vertically when I know what they actually do (I am but a humble wanabee)

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Got a 225 gallon tank now this is my next question I have a 6x12 dove tail single axle no I got a buddy that build rock crawlers he said with different springz I wouldn’t need to have a tandem axle now I just need Ideas on reels float valve ext…

Your friend is wrong. Put another axle under it.


1 ton spring and adding a leaf seems like it would work

But I am looking for a tandem axle I just got this new one 3 months ago

Adding springs doesn’t change the fact that it’s a 2k axle. 225 gallons of water weighs 1800 lbs. Plus everything else. Don’t get a new trailer, jyst add an axle to what you have

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