Trailer build tips and an economical soft wash/roof system


Where did u get those black screw on lids for your 5 gal buckets


I’ve seen them at Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards in their paint section.

Just checked menards and they’re $6 on Amazon they’re $12.


Yep, Home Depot. You get the ring that fits over the bucket lip and the screw on lid.


Didn’t mean to steal your thunder. I was eating lunch on the toolbox of the trailer and the bucket was right behind me. Lol


lol, you’re fine. Wasn’t a proprietary question


I’m using a 4X3 harbor freight trailer :slight_smile:


I am going to be buying a used ambulance this winter. I will show pictures of the work in progress. I thought it would be different and eye catching.


Good vid. I started my business 2 weeks ago and Im buying a trailer this weekend. In two weekends Ive gotten half my initial 5k investment back. So, I figured I would dump some more into this and see where it goes. I’m wasting too much time dealing with hoses that need to be on a reel.


Racer the hoses you have for your 12v pump are 5/8 ? or 1/2? Did you have them made? thanks


The hose on reel is 1/2", all others are 5/8


@Racer very nice video. Very interesting to see how you have everything set up. I am new and like some of the other, working out of the bed of my truck for now. One question (and maybe a stupid one) but what is the purpose of the accumulator in your system? A great system though that I will be interested in trying to put one together of my own.


Keeps your pump from cycling as much, especially if you’re throttling down the output, say when you walking a shallow roof using a fan tip or even post treating a drive.


How small of a tip will you go down to? I’ve always been worried about too much pressure


It’s a low pressure pump, it cuts off once it reaches designated pressure.

I can’t answer that far as tip goes, because I use a hose nozzle on mine


Okay, so no one asked yet, who’s the little guy on the steel beam above the truck, what’s his name, and who named him?


That’s Grover. I threw him up there and my boys have filled him with about a million bb’s


That’s a nice rig sir!


Now that u say that… ive never noticed any signs/decals/etc… no need for anything?


Fortunately I book out the year by the end of February with the exception of some residential. Answering the phone drives me crazy. No decals, no phone calls.


@Racer thanks. Can I ask what kind of accumulator your using? And I’m assuming that’s an on demand pump?