Trailer build tips and an economical soft wash/roof system


Everyone has to start somewhere. Better than working out of the back of your car. Just keep hustling.


Its funny you say that because I am working out of the back of my pickup truck with a custom plywood cover. I’ll take some pics and post them. It looks kinda goofy but it works because all my stuff is protected.


I worked out of the back of my Tundra for 6 months. Loading and unloading it everyday until I decided to stop being a cheapskate and start building a trailer. Ha!


@Racer I forgot to thank you for turning me into a flexzilla and gator lock convert. I absolutely love the flexzilla hoses. I used to carry my extra hoses (off the reel hoses) like this before, but now 75 feet of flexzilla hose fits perfect into a 5 gallon bucket and because it’s so dang easy to coil it takes 3 minutes to put it nice and neat in a bucket.

I was afraid of messing up the aluminum ends dragging them across the concrete, but $.99 hose caps and/or the gator locks keep them pristine.


LOL, My next build, may be awhile, will be in bed of a pickup. For smaller jobs where I don’t need to carry everything.


Same here!
I’ve used this 4x8 for a while , about as basic as it gets
Bought just the metal frame, have simple ds set up and use this ugly water barrel to save space. I had a nice water tote before but it took up too much room. My surface cleaner fits too but I usually put it in back of my pick up.

I’m looking forward to an upgrade:)


Good little money maker there


Think I may need to get one of these for gutter cleaning for when rinsing downspouts. Not sure how I feel about reusable fittings though…


Do you have menards near you? You can get the 100’ with permant fittings for $65. That’s what’s in my reel.


I do have one near by i’ll swing by there this week thanks.


My small trailer is enclosed I love the hell out of it. Keeps my equipment out of the elements, keeps my equipment secure, is a Hugh bill board and it just looks nice. Cons?? Little harder to move around inside but then again I have 3 tanks. 3 - 12 volt pumps, air compressor, pressure washer, 3 hose reels 2 air pumps surface cleaner extra hoses and all kinds of spare parts and accessories in 5x8 v nose trailer. ( could be a 5x10 really not sure I bought it used) lol
Oh and if you carry SH in a tank all the time you should seal the tank and vent it outside.
I use it more than both of my large units combined. But then again 80% of my work in pressure washing is residential…


Walmart has it for $55 w/free shipping/pickup:

I was searching for it on a deals website, and saw that back in May they went on sale for $25. Now that was a heck of a deal!


This deal is even better… $56 + free shipping + 15% off for new customer… total $51.50 after tax for me. I think there are about 20 states where tax isnt charged, which would make it about $45 if you are in one of those states. Buy 2 hoses, and the price drops a couple more dollars.


So you guys are using garden hose instead of chemical hose? Is it heavier? How long does it last? What type of connections are you using? Or are you cutting the ends off and using barbs and clamps?


No, it’s just for incoming water hose


Your set up is pretty much like mine.
Always wanted to stack my 2 PW
Got a 3.5/4 and a 8/3.5
I know that the 8/3.5 can suck the water out of my buffer tank but have never dared to raise it above the intake line, i am afraud if cavitation.
Where as the 3.5/4 has to be bellow or at intake line level.
I dobt see an electric pump…how you do it?


My machines sit 3 feet above the bottom of my tank. You can go about 4.5 feet before you need a check valve


This is amazing. One day, oh yes, one day. :smiley:


I bought an enclosed trailer a little over a week ago and have been piecing it together. There are a few times where an open trailer would be easier (routing a dump pipe), but overall I wouldn’t do it differently.

Security, my stuff being out of the weather, and the ability to mount things to the wall and house a full size tool chest is nice.


I like having an enclosed trailer for the same reasons. I can keep everything on a shelf easily accessible and not have to worry about it getting wet or stolen. However it’s s a huge pain in the neck working in the shore towns when there is no parking. That’s why I would love to have a utility truck like @Innocentbystander.