Trailer build tips and an economical soft wash/roof system

Guys, here’s a video I shot a week or so ago and have been too busy to post. It’s a 25min long video for the newer guys who are building up their trailers and also how to build an economical softwash/roof system. Apologize in advance that video a little shaky in places but was filming while trying to show different things. But some good info for those who may need it.


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing

That’s a sweet setup @Racer! I like how compact it is. You did a lot in that amount of space. Thanks for sharing the video!

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That’s a great looking serup! You’ve definitely done well with what you had to work with. Our current trailer is a 6x10 but we’re looking to go bigger soon, too. Thanks for taking the time

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Awesome setup!! If I lived closer I would make an offer on whatever is left on the trailer. You had several good tips I took away. Thanks for taking the time to make!

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Nice Clean Utilitarian setup, Seeing this rig makes me want to sell off my enclosed trailer and go this route. I’m kind of tired of dealing with SH fumes corroding ever
Thing in sight I’m particularly impressed with your setup for your roof wash setup, That NT box works great curious as to where you got your heat sink for the pumps though

It’s been awhile and I’m sure more people carry now but think I got it here -

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Well nice unit, I’m working on adding another rig, Think I’m going to do a lot of studying of your video you posted. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 yrs now and well you’ve got a few things that make me wanna smack my head and go duh?! Why have I been doing it the hard way for so long :roll_eyes:

That. Is. Awesome. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

@racer thanks for the video. I learned a lot from it. I found it on YouTube either last week or the week before. I bought a 14 ft trailer last week bc of your video. I have to wait another 3 weeks to set it up but it’s going to be similar if I can find a welder. Thanks again.

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I think we all do that. I see stuff every week that I do the same thing. What’s great about these forums - it let’s us share some ideas.

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Just got the fabricator started on mine today. Been sitting in my yard for 3 weeks while I decided what to do. Not changing a whole lot though. Basic layout going to be nearly the same, but the dual axle trailers so much better going down the road and easier to back up because of longer tongue. Notice I got short tailgate. Big one good for signage, but since I like working off rear of trailer to some degree, it’s a pain lowering the big tailgate all the time. Still enough room to put my number and you’d have to be a complete idiot not to know what I do after I get it full of equipment.


Thanks for an awesome video. Really helps me as i am starting to put together a setup.

Do you happen to have a link to the home depot thing you were using prior to the toolbox, for your softwash setup? The toolbox is the best solution, but if i could get by with something else right now it would help.

Sorry took so long to reply, but as you know site was down. This thing is a beast. It may be a little more than you need. I had 2 pumps, accumulator and a huge deep cell battery. The battery I use now 1/2 the size. Here are a couple of pics And this is with the smaller battery. If you were just going to have 1 pump could maybe get away with smaller.

The way I had mine setup was I had battery box bolted thru bottom of box. I had the tote with a u-bolt thru bottom of and thru trailer floor with a wing nut so if I wanted to take out just undo wing nut, but it kept it from moving around on trailer and also keep a walk by from grabbing and running. Can see top right on look down pic. On the ends just took hole saw and cut holes for hose with quick disc. to pass thru. Pumps bolted to each side. I also put a couple of small drain holes just off floor on either side in case there was ever a leak, wouldn’t flood my box.


Great info racer, i really appreciate the help.

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Where did you get those 1/2" cam locks from? I’m having problems finding them at local hardware/ag stores like TSC… I see the larger ones, but not the smaller ones… unless i am overlooking them. If they aren’t in stores, does Bob sell them at Pressure Tek?

What’s the red hoses that you are using? Any reason for them, or is it just what you had on hand?

Notice you had 5/8" on your intake hose… are you using all 5/8", or is that only on the intake? Cant remember if you said in the video.


All 5/8 except the actual hose. Look that hose Kuri tec think K1154. Menards had best price, or you could try Agrimart. They’re Gator lock cam fittings. Sure Powerwashstore has but may be different brand

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This is awesome! I don’t have a ton of secure storage at the moment minus my garage, but even that has a 1 foot rise. I’d hit the concrete rise if I tried to get a trailer in it so I’m doing everything out of the bed of my Tundra for time being. Does anyone here use an enclosed trailer to house a soft wash system? Pros? Cons?

Thanks for the video. You have put a lot of thought into your set up. Nice work.

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I feel so inadequate just using a Harbor Freight 4’ x 8’ but you gotta start somewhere! I am having a guy fabricate some nice metal side rails on it so I can hang stuff off of it.

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