Trailer build ASAP


In other news… I’m at the slowest pump in the universe in Mount Vernon, Illinois… BUT I lost my fleet fuel card here this morning and it was miraculously still here waiting for me behind the counter. So I’m still lucky if anything…


De - bur [use the correct tool] the holes you drill in the tank super well. the fitting looks great let us know how the installation go’s.


I thought of you @Ikii with not wanting to pull water. I used to pull these around on job sites lol @squidskc the toyota trucks could never do It…


You were that close and didn’t say hi?


Just realized that’s 3 hours south… I’ll be staying a couple days in kc in the fall for the lineman rodeo!


I’m a huge ford fan, but in reverse with hubs locked, my little tacoma would pull that all day long. I drug a 32k lb conex across a 1/8 mile of dirt with it. Couldn’t budge it till I turned the truck around


That’s weird!


There in more torque when in reverse


careful pulling in reverse, most differentials are setup to apply greater torque forwards


If something breaks it just means you got all the good out of it


Definitely not with my truck! She really grunts pushing a trailer up hill in reverse. Just found that out 5 minutes ago!




Women what?


“Run it til it breaks. Then you know what to fix.” is something you said once and I spent the next three days questioning my life, staring at the sky a lot, wondering how things could be so simple, yet profound, and if there’s aliens.


You wasted 2 days

There are no answers.

The clouds make me smile

Everything is simple, except computers





I was backing the trailer up a hill and it had 275 gallons of water on it. But you wouldn’t know what it’s like to haul water :sweat_drops: :joy::rofl:

Just razing ya!


it’s not so much the transmission gearing, it’s the way the differential gear teeth are cut. On four wheel drive vehicles, the gears on the front axle are reverse cut, so that they apply torque on the greater strength surface, opposite that of the rear differential gears. When in reverse, the teeth are more prone to break as the way the teeth are cut with less strength potential. Hope that makes sense.


I follow you and believe you. Mine still pulls better going backwards. If it breaks you can always fix it


you just like to fix stuff, lol