Trailer build ASAP


Like I told Will I could probably fill the empty space in front of the axles with the exact same set up as I built behind the axles. This thing is legitimately huge.


Another thing to keep in mind is this trailer will never leave the Arsenal. So other than getting it here, it will never see over 45 mph. Like Brodie mentioned already, It’s got two 5300# axles and being towed by either the 450 or 250. I said all that to say this, instead of moving axles further back or moving all the equipment forward, throwing some weight in the front of trailer really sounds like the best option imo. But this is also why I paid someone, because I just don’t know lol


Just a thought here. If the trailer is rated at (x) and with the tanks all full it weighs far less than (x) couldn’t you add some heavy plates or something to the front vs liquid weight? Then if he ever decides to add equipment to the front he could remove plates as needed?


Never leave the arsenal? What does that mean?


I work on a military base (Redstone Arsenal)


I use 5 gallon pails of SH. Add a few of them up front or a chem tank and that will give you a few hundred lbs. Plus any crap you already have like extra hoses… Shelves come in handy and add weight.


WOW very scary. Thankfully you’re okay. THANK GOD someone else wasnt pulling it!? :flushed:


That’s CRAZY! I’m glad there was no injuries.


Yeah that sounds like no fun, glad your good.


Buy some hook on tractor weights. They come in 50 and 100lbs each. Place in trailer on on tongue of trailer. Had to do this a few times pulling travel trailers.


Glad you’re fine man.



Thats one beast of a trailer


The trailer is nothing compared to his shop. It’s amazing. There’s an auto shop built within the contracting shop. With a lift! There’s an RV parked in his shop and it looks small compared to the rest of the shop. Really incredible.

This is not even remotely an exaggeration, but the bathroom/shower at his shop is nicer than mine at home. They’re not even in the same league. There’s a drafting room, conference room. The fit and finish of the office area is beautiful.

When we went to where they were pressure washing they had a couple trucks on site, then we passed another area with another five or six trucks. Tyler has grown a family business to an extraordinary size. And there’s no way he’s older than I am. I’m 33. Super inspiring stuff.


Thank you Brodie that means a lot to me. I’ll post some pics here soon


Just putting this out there, the people that have been on the forum already know this I’m sure, but I’ll post it anyways so maybe the new members can stumble across it. If you are new to the industry or just looking to upgrade your current setup, if you could persuade Brodie to do another trailer build it would be the best decision you can make. I have not regretted paying Brodie to build this rig for me for not one second along the way. Trust me for what it cost, I would have spent double trying to do it on my own. He has answered every phone call and text message. The knowledge I’ve got about equipment and actually performing the work, has been worth the money I spent with him. You can’t find a better person to do business with and I mean that 100 percent!


And he will drive circles around the competition.

To soon?


Haha that’s hysterical.


Never too soon if it’s true.


Tyler’s Just being nice because I fulfilled a commitment to drive it 10 hours there to deliver it and 10 back that I was, frankly, trying to get out of by having it shipped because I was, again frankly, afraid of it after spinning it.

Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. My number 1 rule is whoever pays me gets their phone calls answered/returned first. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re getting dodged by someone you gave money too. I’ve had it happen.

As far as building another trailer I’d love to do it. I’m absolutely in love with building and troubleshooting and making stuff that makes money. Head over heels for it… BUT I don’t think I’d build one before November or after January.

Taking it on right before the season and not accounting for delays like snowstorms in Canada that caused hoses to show up almost two weeks late, which was every bit my fault for knowing full well the best laid plans never quite work out the way an optimist imagines, made things a bit hectic.

I’m going to update the post with lessons learned once I get a free minute this week, but Number 1 is… dual gasket, bolt through bulkheads are life changing and they shouldn’t even make the other kind over 2 inches.