Trailer Build 2 - For those of you still working on your trailers


Very nice!

Wow, nice! Thanks a lot for doing a video on your new setup. Great information, and an awesome rig!

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Great job on your rig! Thats something to be very proud of!

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That is one nice looking rig. Set up is perfect. I like how the reels are located above ground.

Watched that the other day… Nice rig, you got room for a pool table up there on the tongue…:slight_smile:

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Great video and explanations as to the “why” you did it! Thank you.

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Where u buy the blue top filters?

Most the distributors carry them. Mine came from Pressure Washer Products in Fl.

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@Racer looking at your pro portioner why did you use two different soap container? Did u have to prime both soap tanks?? What was other other soap u have in there not the snot . Thinking I might go with the portioner in my trailer setup, instead of mixing in a 65 gal tank . Just don’t have a clue out to hook it up if I buy it, lol

One tank is Snotmenade for roofs and the other is just soap, currently Limonene in case I softwash something, say like Stucco. I rarely use it though. Wouldn’t hurt you a bit to leave off.
I keep intake hose hooked up to my pump, so once it’s primed pretty much stays primed.

I put off getting for a year because I didn’t really mind batch mixing. But after having for awhile, I love it. Both for roofs and for post treating drives. I can easily adjust strength depending on how dirty. Probably use roughly about 25% less SH.


Do you use your snot for post treating or Limonene?
Also did you by those tanks from power wash store? BEcause I looked can’t find them in there website

snot, helps it stay on the concrete longer and makes some suds. Customers love the suds.


What about the tanks??

Yep, PWS. They just don’t show them. Pretty cheap too

Hey watched your video again do you have a part number on those hose connecters on the 55 gal tank and the 7 gal tanks?? On the inside of those tanks do I have a filter of some kind or just a hose end at the bottom of the tank to suck up?

Call PWS, they have all the fittings and filters. Plastic L - shaped filter on my 55. The other I have one of the ball shaped stainless ones

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Hey when you got your pro por…did you replace the intake barb to a 3/4 inch ?? … also how did you connect the 3/4 inch line to the accumulator tank??

no, my intakes are 1/2". The 3/4 output goes to my 12v and then to accumulator.