Tool tip: ClampTite hose clamping system

Just gave this thing a try for the first time yesterday. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’m going to be systematically replacing every hose clamp on my rig with a homemade one made with this tool. I see it being especially useful for clamping suction hose, because it can crimp down much tighter than standard worm drive clamps, and it never requires retightening.

Edit: I’ve linked someone else’s demo for the time being, because I was demonstrating an incorrect use of the tool:


So…Dawn huh? Sorry couldn’t help it. :grinning:


I don’t use it for cleaning windows, if that’s what you mean :rofl:

I’m an ecover guy, myself.

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Can’t believe you sucked me in, lol, sat and watched the whole thing. Think I’ll stick with my hose clamps. Can tighten up eveyrone of them on all my systems in like 2 minutes. Once a year chore. I’m not smart enough or patient enough to use that thing.


I’m with Rick. This seems like a lot of work for what it is. A simple hose clamp accomplishes the same thing with about a tenth of the effort. I do like the clamp style that @dperez uses on his rigs but he’s anal retentive to the nth degree and last I looked the crimp tool alone was hundreds of dollars, I believe.

Weekly maintenance should include checking all connections and fittings. Takes about two minutes with my trusty rusty long blade screwdriver lol

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Haha, thanks for watching. Yeah, it’s a little tedious to use. I’m working out a way to hook it up to my impact driver for a less laborious process.

And I’ll be honest, it’s a lot more work than they make it look like in the demo videos… so maybe I’m using it wrong? :upside_down_face:

Now, that I don’t have the patience for :joy:

Does Dez use the Band-it clamp system? You can get the basic version of that tool for ~$130, and some knockoff versions for ~$40, last I checked.

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I’m not sure, really. He linked it in a thread a while back and after about 4 seconds of staring at the price of the tool alone I decided it was too rich for my blood lol

I’ve wondered if the Shark Bite clamps meant for pex tubing would work well for my 12v hoses. Those are the only ones that concern me since it sees a much higher %. Everything else could stay with regular old hose clamps and I wouldn’t bat an eye at it. I find myself checking my 12v connections much more often than I probably need to

I was using both wire and bands depending on the application

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You know you’re in deep when you strategically orientate each hose clamp so you can get a screwdriver on it easily for regular tightening lol

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I’m an ear clamp man myself, usually throw the fitting in the bin with the clamp, not worth getting the cutting wheel out. They work great, pop on in 10 seconds.


That’s what I was just pontificating on. These are known as Shark Bite clamps over here in Freedom Land. They’re SS, plentiful, cheap and the took seems reasonable. So, you’re saying they work well, huh?

Plus they look so slick compared to the old worm gear style clamp with the excess just hanging around ready to rip my expensive nitrile gloves at any moment.

oetiker clamps…not the biggest fan

Yeah they work great, I can’t ever recall having an issue. I’ve never been a fan of the worm gear clamps in any situation, they’ll either cut into the hose or youll strip a thread, just terrible out in the field.

Because they’re one time use, no adjustability or what?

I haven’t had any issues really but I do spring for the nicer SS ones and not the Harbor Freight variety

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They don’t come in a wide band variety, often you’ll cut a ear when you pinch them, uneven clamping around the circumference, hard to cut off I could go on but you get the idea


Okay yeah maybe I’ll just stick with the regular style lol

You need to take it easy on the clamps bud, it won’t run away lol. Once the hose is squished the job is done.

I go easy and they pull off before the hose stretches. I like to use them on very few occasions. I swear it’s not me because I actually spent a good amount of time figuring them out. I can say they are great for CV boots lol