Tool Box (what do you carry)


I’m interested to know the tools you guys carry, I’m putting a new tool box together to carry with me for small repairs of course.


3 crescent wrenches…10mm socket and wrench

Vise grips…needle nose pliers


Basic tools are a must. A vice is nice to have . It really depends on your skill set for repair. Where do you draw the line between what you fix and what you would rather drop off to a shop. I don’t take anything to a shop I’ve rebuilt engines in hotel room before just because it was quicker than waiting on a shop. My best advice is buy your tools at harbor freight. Good tools have no place around chlorine and water


Each truck has: Pliers and vise grips, wrenches in duplicate for hose and gun fittings, hydrant wrench, small vise, basic socket and driver set, star keys and allen wrenches, strap wrench, and a cordless driver, vacuum, and chargers.

And then they randomly accumulate stuff from the shop…I should check once and awhile


25mm, 21mm, 18mm wrenches
2 adjustable wrenches
1 parrot wrench
100 viton orings, 2 sizes
100 regular orings
3 ball valves
5x3/8 female and male QC with rubber
5×1/4 female QC with rubber
5 female and male plugs
1 spigot key
3 custom made jrods
3 sutner turbo nozzles
3x 1.8, 2.1, 2.3 chem injectors
Pick set
1 foamer
3 suttner guns
5 different sewer jetter nozzles.
1 SC bar
2 fuel valve shut offs
20ft Chemical tubing
1 gutter t nozzle
Ties, bungee cords


RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer, Black
Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing:

RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer, Black


Lots of zip ties all sizes.




I’m mechanically inclined, Helped built race engines thru HS to a very known mustang engine builder. Just wanting to get an idea on what to have… Your right on the HF tools, Id cry if I or a helper lost me some channel locks vs some HF ones.


Wanna see a grown man cry let him see his snap on tools in the mud. . Instant heartbreak lol


Short answer is as many tools as you can fit on the truck


Yeah, Them Snap Ons cost there weight in gold lol


Great little thread here:


What the spam was that( edit) I see your hard at work re organizing again!


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…


I actually don’t see the value in there tools. Aside from the specialty tools they do make a tool for everything you can imagine . I miss the old craftsman good and affordable.


Snap On?

I do believe there over priced but nothing feels like a snap on… Just by holding the tool you can feel the quality… Also the fit is amazing, giving you confidance… Nothing like having a wrench go and hitting you fingers… If you live from you tools like an auto mechanic, Snap on all day! If your the occasional DIY guy, Hard to beat a Craftsman even today.


Very true


@squidskc I feel like one of us needs to buy this and see it it’s worth a darn!


Funny you mention this, because I’m literally laying in bed thinking about using my riveting tool (not fancy as that one) for this project I’ve got