Tool Box (what do you carry)


I have one. They are nice to have around. Mine is a different brand and honestly seems nicer then that. I recommended it to @squidskc awhile back.


Damn your dedicated. Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo. Do you ever dream about your surface cleaner crapping out?


Lol, not that I can recall but I did have a pwing dream last night, cleaned some sidewalks. SC worked well lol


As I re-read what I had said last night it almost sounded arrogant. “And honestly seems nicer”. Sometimes I don’t always get things conveyed the way I mean them and I apologize. All I was meaning is if someone really was considering one I will try to find a link so both options can be considered. Sometimes with these products being online you never know if they will be cheap china crap or decent.