Too good to be true deal?

Hi ya’ll,

I’m building my rig and working on a loan to buy my trailer. I’m working with 2 stores right now. Both have 8gpm machines available with honda engines.

First store (who I currently rent from btw) has a **Pressure Pro hot water unit with 3500psi/8gpm powered by a honda gx690: $13,000 before taxes. **

The second store I just discovered yesterday and emailed an inquiry to. Emailed all morning and the rep said he could meet me at my house as he just delivered a trailer to a client nearby me. Saves me a 30 mile drive so I said sure.

He has an **Alkota Pressure Washer: 8GPM/4000psi with a honda gx800 engine. **$12,888 out the door price, taxes included. **

Msrp on this unit is 18k. I asked why the $7000 discount and the rep said he liked me and that I seemed serious about buying. The unit would be ready in 3 weeks.

My questions for ya’ll: #3 i’m very curious about

  1. Is this some kind of scam (7000 off msrp)?

  2. Are Alkotas some kind of hard to sell, bad brand that they’re desperate to offload? I’ve read on other threads here that Pressure Pro isn’t the best brand (poor service, parts and the like.)

  3. There is a 7GPM/4000PSI machine that costs $31,000 msrp. Why would a machine with less GPM and equal PSI cost double the price?

I’d be happy with a 6gpm machine but none are available at the moment and for the same price I can have more capability. I’m wondering what the tradeoff is.

Thanks in advance for your help.

First, why do you need hot water. Second, both deals are scams. 8/3000 hot water skids are around $8k grin most any vendor.

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Long lead times are one factor. I have to rent in the meantime. I’m spending $900 a week renting a 4.8gpm trailer because that’s all they have available to rent at the place by me. Buffing large areas is in a word, slow. These places have them ready to go which would save a significant amount of money renting. However I plan to haggle the pricing based on the online deals.

Why do I need hot water? Because I need hot water to remove grease and grime. Here’s some pics of my most recent dumpster pad cleaning. Had 10 units to clean, 6 with grease traps.

Ok, didn’t know what you were cleaning. My Landa dealer has a half dozen sitting in the warehouse. I wouldn’t pay double because your closest guy has one. But that’s just me.

I had no intention, it was just there for comparison. The people I rent from I don’t have the highest opinion of. They never really know the numbers of their units and I have to ask for rentals to be modified with tank bypasses so I don’t burn out the pumps when I’m not pulling the trigger. This other dealer seems on their game with knowing their products and making sure all their rental equipment is maintained well (tank bypasses by default).

At the same time I’m also trying to find a used truck to pull these trailers because my tacoma is 500 pounds shy of the GCWR. So if I go 8gpm I’d need a 500gallon tank for decent runtime (no way id pull the trailer for that even empty of water).so im also looking for a truck to pull it. Tundra could pull it (10,300lb tow). Id just empty the tank before going on the road.

$13k for a basic hot water unit is robbery. I would’ve laughed in his face and told him to put down the crack pipe.

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Another question. Why in the world do you need a 500 gallon tank. It’s there no water where you’re washing?

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here is BCE’s listings for units, your’s look pricey. For a couple of k more than the listing you posted, you could have a whole system from them including the trailer.

I don’t own anything in this compnay and don’t get a referral or kickback. @Racer owns part of this compnay :grinning: He is the one that told me about them and that is where I got mine. SHipped it to me for nothing.


Thanks man! I found a unit that fits my needs exactly. 6gpm. In regards to the 500gallon tank,
Its just to avoid having to refill every 30 minutes with the 8gpm unit. But with 6gpm i could run for significantly longer and power my 24" surface cleaner just fine. My concern really is just turn around time on getting a unit. I’m booked out for the next month and I’m having to spend a lot on rental alone. However seeing how much these guys are screwing me on price its probably cheaper to rent till the unit is here anyway. Thanks a ton for all the links. Before I was only searching on “pressurewashersdirect” and all their units were $9000+ for 5.5gpm units.

You’re right. I know they get the sense I’m desperate because I’m renting all the time. Really a bad way to treat a customer who provides good business. Thanks to you guys though they won’t be getting the big ticket business from me. Glad I’m here.


I understand you’re renting now but if you could hold off for another month or two you’ll start seeing lots of low hour units going up for sale when all the chuck in a trucks figure out that they can’t operate on $99 house washes. There’s a Hydromax unit up by me with like 20 hours on it for sale already. I think he wants like $16k for the entire trailer rig.

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Again, do you not have water where you are washing?

He’s probably just going with that tank so that he has the capacity to haul water just in case he needs to. I carried around a 330 gallon tote for three years before dropping down to a 225 leg tank. I only run around with about 75 gallons 99% of the time.

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I’ve cleaned dumpster pads with cold water & no chemicals. They were happy with the results because they weren’t expecting a miracle.

Nah it’s just so I don’t have to fill up every 30 minutes. Takes about 30-45 minutes to full up the tank to 325 gallons with the water supply at some places and 8gpm is a thirsty beast. But now that I’ve seen other suppliers that offer fully equipped trailers for 13-14k, I’d just get a 6gpm machine and 300gallon tank. Although the place that was posted earlier sells the trailers with a 525gallon tank by default. Sure I could request a smaller one.

Found this used rig on facebook. What do ya’ll think? Good buy? 100hours on the engine.

Honestly, not a bad deal at all. You’d have to be a real horse trader to build one like that for much less. The price of everything is out of control so by the time you buy the machine and trailer you’re probably at half of what he’s asking. The AR pump is meh but it would get you rolling. No clue what that surface cleaner is but if it works it wouldn’t be bad to keep around as a spare.

“I asked why the $7000 discount and the rep said he liked me and that I seemed serious about buying.”

Thanks for the laugh!

I think the point on the water tank is being missed completely…how far away from water supply is where you are washing? We use a 275 on our trucks, and it is typically way overkill (excepting bad wells, which commercial never is).

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Just more run time between filling up. Water supply at my current site right now took 65 minutws to fill up 325 gallons.

I know right. Something’s up. Assuming it is 13k for a 8gpm/4000psi honda gx800, would that be a good deal for that level of equipment. Its a big engine.

On an unrelated note: currently on Cops here at the jobsite. Bunch of people fighting next to where I’m working. Anyone else ever have crazy night shift cleaning stories?