Today I start back at the gym-- How about you?

Today will be my first real day back at the gym in over 7yrs. I’m going to try and slow down my aging process or die trying lol. Hardest part to me is always just getting there. I took a 7 yr break so now my body is saying “Hey you lazy SOB get your azz to the gym”…lol

Who’s been working out and who’s going to start like me?

I work out 7 days a week at around 5 am… Been doing that for years…

Does wonders for the your day… Gets the brain working and keeps your energy high all day…

Committing to do it in the morning is the only way to do it consistently… To much stuff comes up later in the day

Good for you John… Don’t forget to stretch :slight_smile:

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Congrats John… Go get it and kill it… I’ve started working out a lot more… I love the way I feel and what it does to my all ready good looking body… :wink:

Good for you John. It would take a herd of cattle to get me out to the gym during these winter months. I have a gym set up in my house and both me and the wife work out. We keep each other motivated. Good luck.

I try to run or bike a couple times a week. I also just started a class with my wife called Ripped. I enjoy that, straight hour of cardio. I don’t like going to the gym.

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I was all about the weights for years, but the wear and tear catches up.

For a while now I have been hooked on a calisthenics routine.

Straight up push-up, pull-up, sit-up combos with a 50lb weight vest included in the mix.

I have to say, I feel better and stronger now with this program then I ever did at my best with weights.

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I always liked mixing weights with cardio. Just have to take is sloooooooowwww or I’ll hurt myself since I always have a tough time doing anything at half speed. Can not forget to stretch or I’ll snap like an old rubber band.

Your ruthless bro! I go 5 days a week and cycle 2 days a week, sunday is a rest day…

I go at noon because I can’t sit in front of a computer for 10 hours straight, It splits it up into 2 work sessions, which is a great break for my eyes and mind from the computer…

There’s no chicks in the gym at 5am anyways…

Ain’t that the truth. Nothing wrong looking at some eye candy as your running on the treadmill or walking at a snail pace like I’ll be doing. We can daydream right…lol

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I’m primarily doing weights, probably 4 times a week. I’m trying to squeeze in cardio twice a week too.

I started a juicing fast on Sunday. This is my second day drinking nothing but juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My juice includes: carrots, kale, cucumbers, apples, oranges etc… Been tough but I am going for a week!

Good luck Ty. I am doing the lunch shake from Golds Gym after working out so I don’t each lunch at home on those days. I’m on my 4th week and I’m starting to see a little bit of a difference. Slowly getting to my goal on this one.

I’ll be 51 in May. 3 times a week in LA Fitness.

Ralph how long you been going three times a week

3-4 years.
I used to go every day, sometimes twice a day. Got really bad tendonitis in both elbows, among other problems associated with working out too much. 3 days a week is just right for me.

working out really helps working in the field, and just feeling better about one self…

Ralph looks great. More power to him.
We all have seen Succesful Powerwashers who do so many things right except for 1 critical thing. They don’t take care of their health. Some of these guys look like heart attacks waiting to happen. I started to fall into that category by not going to the gym for over 7 years. Health & happiness rules over money which is why I’m back in the gym and eating better… I wanna be like ralph again:cool:

I just started back after a long break myself. I feel great!

Don’t forget about cardio. You can workout and look great and still be a “heart attack waiting to happen” if your insides are a mess.

It takes me about an 1.5-1.75 hrs to complete my workout. Here’s how I start. I do 45 min on stationary bike so I can loosen up and get my heart rate up. From there I do on machines plus on the floor around 15 minutes of stomach exercises. Then from there I do 30-40 minutes of weight lifting and all at a fast pace with maybe at most 30 seconds between sets. Then when done I go to the shake bar in Golds gym and I order a fat burner/protien shake to replace my lunch.

How does that workout look Ralph? Anything you can suggest for me to do differently?