Titan Reels

Anyone know anyone who has a Titan 12" electric reel in stock?

Had my chain come off today as getting ready to roll up. Can get chain back on, but the rear drive sprocket is out of alignment by at least 1/4" maybe 3/8" and soon as you try to turn it chain comes back off. Supposedly the rear sprocket can be slid in or out. Has 2 set screws which I’ve removed, but can’t get the sucker to break free. Have tried pretty much everything including saturating several times with wd-40 and hitting both directions with hammer. That sucker won’t budge. It’s a tight area to get into, so that doesn’t help. Any ideas?

I’m guessing you checked Sprayer Depot.

It doesn’t say they’re out of stock but it says they are experiencing delays with Titan products.

yep, don’t have any. Tried PWS, Southside and of course can’t get anyone to answer at PWP

Have you tried Panhandle? A few guys on here have used them and seem pleased.

Not sure if this is the one you need…


Not sure if they have anymore but they stocked up when the shortage was coming.

Will call them in the am

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@Racer you try Bill at pws-mke? I thought he had some when I was in there recently.

Try Manatee Pressure Wash Supply in Florida.


@Racer I think he means the Power Wash Store-Milwaukee


My hannay reel for my pressure hose was sliding in the frame away from the motor and it caused the motor gear to not align with the reel big gear and the chain came off… I pushed the reel closer to the motor in the frame and as a quick fix i put zip ties between the reel bearing and the bearing in the frame and it keeps reel over against the motor and gears aligned due to the zip tie thickness until I have time to take apart and put washers in it’s place

Shoot me a pic. Not sure how the Hannays are built. It sounds like what mine has done, I can’t tell anything has moved though. Think today I’m going to remove the reel brackets that hold it to frame that it spins on and just extend the holes some so I can slid it it over 1/4" to get the big gear lined up and tighten the heck out of the bolts so that hopefully it won’t slide back over.

I’ve given up on sliding that sprocket. Tried heat, more lubricant, taking a shallow socket and putting over so I could bang on it harder w/o breaking off a tooth and that sucker not moving.

Understand the shortage on electric reels, isn’t the reels themselves, plenty of those, but they can’t get the motors till September.

I won’t be able to snap any pics until later tonight, but I’ll post a google drive link with a video showing the temporary fix

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thanks, perfect

@Racer can you use an impact wrench? Idk the size but they can be quite helpful sometimes if you can make it work.

Unfortunately no

@WaterProEC Yes thats correct, sorry.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Got it fixed, at least in my drive it works, lol. See above for what I did.

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Here’s the video


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