Tiki oil and oil stain questions

I’ve read that tiki oil is petroleum based and just scented with lemongrass and citronella then marked up for consumer consumption. I know it leaves soot. Here is my question, Cleaning up droplet spills.

I prewet, then I cleaned the deck, went back and used sodium percarbonate and a brush, rinsed again, sprinkled magic acid and rinsed again (omitted dwell times). The spots are lighter, but not gone. In one spot it is black as night where they must have spilled it. It is much more noticeable now that I cleaned the deck than it was before I cleaned it. I told the owner that I would likely not be able to get it out, but would be able to lessen it. I am going to stain it, but just wanted to know if someone had a secret sauce recipe for removal. I thought about rubbing a little denatured alcohol on a spot or two to see what it does, after the deck dries some.

Planning on shooting this deck, if the wind permits with oil using my airless and primarily a 415 tip. What do you use on lattice with oil smaller tip size like a 213, or do you just spray the panels with the 415? does anyone have a recommendation on a decent roller cover for oil stain? I went to the SW store and they were all out of 3/8 in the type I wantedd and didn’t know when they would be back in.

Did you try some mineral spirits?

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What about Potash? I know Mark uses that for grease stains under grills before staining. If you don’t have any you can always try Sodium Hydroxide. They’re similar but do work a little different.


I did not try mineral spirits that day, spent the whole day taping and spraying. I thought I’d see if anyone knew a good chem before I started experimenting. I have alot of sanding on that section of the deck, so mechanical is still and option to lessen it a little more. All the picketts/boards on the fence they put around the one side of the deck were black and gray. tried knocking off some of the dead stuff but I knew it would fur like crazy.

Thanks. I have two more decks there to do, both of those need stripped so I will have some hydroxide available. I’d be there now, but the truck is in the garage.

I think this may apply slightly since petroleum based… I think all the suggestions have been good so far hopefully you can figure something out!

Potash works well on animal fats. Not completely discounting it for a petroleum based stain but I don’t hold out high hopes. Also, it could damage the wood.

Since it has been on the wood for awhile I don’t think IPA will touch it but it’s worth a shot, also mineral spirits is a decent thought.