Citronella stains on table and washing furniture in general

I have a large house,2 decks, steps,concrete and retaining wall to estimate but the owner would like her patio furniture washed as well. Just curious what others might charge for a low pressure rinsing of patio furniture (mainly just dust from the off season) and possible stain removal of Citronella? I’m not positive what the table is made of. I’ve been searching a little on Teak.

I’d throw in it for free. You get a house, retaining wall, 2 decks, steps and concrete and then spray some water on the chairs and low pressure rinse the table, collect check and go home.
No promises on stain…

I did throw in the furniture. Hoping low pressure will take off the citronella but wondered if I might need a specific chemical. @CaCO3Girl ???

Mix one cup warm water one cup household bleach and I cup oxy clean. Brush it on. Scrub with soft brush. Rinse with warm water. When it dries put teak oil on table.

Citronella is bad stuff! Oil in wood is never good. Kitty litter would be my first step, but anything caustic will damage the wood if left on too long so the follow up to getting oil out of concrete won’t work.

If it were me I’d try the kitty litter and then shoot it with some rubbing alcohol, since that will remove some of the oil…but really they just need to buy a table cloth and clip it on there :frowning: sorry


The recipe I gave you is how we clean teak wood on high end boats. I’m not sure if it will get the citronella out but it has worked on some really bad stains over the years. If you do it just like I told you it will not damage the wood

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Furniture would be free i always rinse them off and that table will be a good example that we are pressure washers not miracle workers. Pretty sure that aint coming out. Tell them next time spill it evenly over the table.


That’s what I was thinking, even it out then throw an old sheet over it to soak up excess .
At least it will keep mosquitoes away.

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