Thoughts on this combo

44.99 after discount - thinking maybe put it on wheels like @marinegrunt mobile setup. Container and pump. Container is kind of big and horizontal vs. vertical. I’m sure I would be modifying the hose and wand, but haven’t seen it in person. I figure the cost of the pump and the cost of the tank far exceed 44.99.

edit: Looks like their site is down right now, right after i posted this. Figures.

Whatcha gonna use it for ?

I’ve been doing this over two decades and I’ve use pump sprayers about once a year. If never spend more than $10 for a sprayer

Mainly for decks is what I was thinking, most likely stripper so I don’t have to walk around with a hand pump, especially up ladders. I live in a hilly/mountainous area, and I can see stripping 8-12’ 4x6s/6x6s. Still figuring this out.

Thanks. You carry a pump up or use some other method for stripping decks? Not being smart in any way, but my memory of your previous posts indicate that you kinda don’t do wood. Please correct me if I am wrong. You can feel free to enlighten me as to a better method, believe me I am all ears (well eyes as this is the net).

@Dirtyboy the pump will probably not hold up very long you need one with viton seals. Still not a bad price if you go that route get a wagon to pull it around in

If you get it ,atleast get a 3 way from pressuretek to put in the inline side of the pump and run a 1/4 line long enough to flush it out with fresh water after every use.


I couldn’t find the info on the pump. I have found a similar setup several places on the internet, but they all are asking around$90 and up. My thoughts were to use it, see how it performs, then modify as needed. Then I thought, let me ask the people who know this better than me.

My gut tells me it is cheap, and cheap normally means inferior parts. I’m just shooting from the hip here - so the hose and sprayer are probably garbage, so if the tank is good and the pump lasts a couple of jobs, maybe it is worth it. Then replace pump. If tank is bad then this is a waste of money.

Thanks. I figured that I would have to flush after every use or the pump might just be a one and done. Thanks for the link, it saves me time searching.

If you go the pump sprayer route, I’d go Chapin, I use the $15 2 gallon pump ups. They got a bleach resistant one with viton o rings for y’all. Best I’ve ever used. Buy 6 a year and use every one with different chems every day. I never flush them out…
I’m going the 12v ag sprayer route as well soon ,for spot spraying degreaser on the rigs we wash.


I was searching around the net for alternatives to the unit I posted, most are easily 2x the price, a lot are the same. I’m thinking it has to do with the pump only, as the tanks are all. was just on this site when you posted that setup. I was reading their manual, it sprays farther, but I don’t really need 35’ of distance, haven’t gotten a price yet.

I just looked at their 2 and 3 gallon pump ups, they are nice.

Nah. I’m saying if you just get a regular ole hand pump sprayer, Chapin is where it’s at. If you want good chem 12v pumps, sure flo and Devlan are what alot of folks on here use. When mine craps out I’ll put one of those on in it place on the Ag sprayer.

I buy them at a local used flea market store here.

Must be nice, the closest flea market to me is about 40 minutes away. Thank you, Ok, notebook getting a mention of sure flo and devlan. You must need a lot of flow for those rigs, or are you necking them down? I’ve read that if a pump says 3.3, then it likely isn’t pushing 3.3 at the nozzle depending on hose size and orifice. Here I was thinking 1gpm would lay down a sufficient layer of stripper unless someone slopped on their stain/sealer.

Lotta guys on here are running 5gpm to 7gpm for roof setups I believe. my lil 3.3 is peanuts. I’m just wanting to shot chem as high as a 8" exaust stack.
My problem with the hand sprayers are ,help is to lazy to pump them and get a good stream to hit its target evenly. drives me bonkers. You should be fine with your 1gpm.
Now when you start doing chem transfer to your rig outta your bulk containers at shop. Your gonna want a bigger gpm pump.

thanks, cleared it up for me. Yeah,now I have to buy new pumps for my garage, another thing I didn’t consider. I swear the nickel and dime items are going to eat me alive before I get started. That and she who must be obeyed was just telling me that I need another pole building for this stuff. I secretly think she just wants to park in the other one. It’s filled with woodworking stuff and equipment, and a mustang that barely sees the light of day.

I have a 7 gpm pump that stays on my trailer and 300’ of 1/2" hose. I use it for roofs, stucco, pre treating concrete, etc. My portable unit I made I only use in decks because pump ups take too long to spray with sh and then neutralize with oxalic. It’s a huge time saver. The pump is a 1 gpm and is probably plenty for decks. Could maybe go with a 2 gpm. I think I made a video of it spraying because a member on here wanted to see how much it put out but I haven’t posted it yet. I’ll try and find it and throw it on here sometime.

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I rarely ever use electric pumps, but when I need it for spot spraying I rigged this up on one of my buffer tanks. Took 10 min.


I saw your post and attributed this idea to you. I was thinking a pull behind wagon with this and a battery, big turf tires, and a shelf for doo dads.

You stick with that ugly dude @marinegrunt above giving advice, And he will save you a ton of money to buy it right the first time , And his advice is second to none. Good guy to follow. I’ll help as much I can ,but I’m a rubber scrubber. Lil different on my side of the fence. But I can hold my own on here. How hard can it be ? Spray SH, take a break, Rinse off, take lunch ,Pack up and leave. :rofl:


maybe something like this, put the sprayer in the front and the cooler in the back ?

Ok just playing, getting dumb from too many internet searches. Happy thanksgiving and thanks for the advice. Gonna go eat some bird now.