Thinking of adding a small truck


I have a cheap one before buffer and a nice 2" filtet after buffer. I never checked them because I didn’t think much would come from spigot. At the end of the season I checked them both, the one before the buffer was loaded with crap. Probably from my guy dragging the supply hose around. Surprisingly the one after tge buffer had some very small debri in it. Things that could have caused some problems in my pump.


There are many ways that debris can find it’s way into your water supply, that’s why I have filters. I’m not needing 10 micron because I’m not filtering drinking water or running sensitive medical equipment. I’m protecting my pumps from debris that enters the water supply. Also my 2" Banjo strainer is 120 mesh which is 125 micron.


Mesh to Micron chart - Just for reference anything under 40 microns not visible to human eye. A particle of pollen is 60 microns


Put a filter BEFORE your buffer tank. No problems :slight_smile:

No spigot debris. No tank debris.